Invented By~ Reeshinu

Home World: Tr�phos

Height at the shoulder: Males: 1'6 Females: 1'3

Weight: Males: 75 to 80 pounds Females: 56 to 60 pounds, some exceptions are rare.

Colors: All reeshinu are born a bright and vivid orange, so to be seen better and not lost as they learn to swim in the murky waters that make up their home world. As they mature, they turn any multitude of the shades of brown, from deep sable and chocolate ones, to lustrous copper, to tan. Usually the color will match the region they grew up in

Temperament: The reeshinus are, as a species, very intelligent and compassionate creatures. They have a mentality similar to that of a dolphin, everything is a game and everything is worth investigating. Very social creatures, they love to make friends, and to talk and play with others. They can be quite oblivious to trivalities such as fights, wars, sides, in favor of play. To them, life is play. They love, and form deep attachment to their youngsters and mates. Prideful of their own heritage at times, they are also incredible chatterboxes and will talk an ear off. A group of reeshinus larger than twelve living together is called a Yuakk.

Description: Short and sleek, they are quite compact creatures. They have two 'modes' for life in the world. One is land mode, and is not favored terribly as the creature grows older. Land mode consists of a thick, heavy pelt of fur, four large paws ending in hooked claws (non retractable), and a rather otter like appearance, though alluding one to an otter is not perhaps a very good thing. Tucked up and well framed, all their weight is muscle, and they can haul a great many times their size. The tail on land is short and brushy, nothing glorious, though they do serve as a warning signal in times of need. Though short, the reeshinu are rather robust, and the shoulders are knotted with powerful muscles.The muzzle and head are sheared for wind resistance, and a heavy cloud of incredibly sensitive and silky whiskers springs from this muzzle. The whiskers serve purpose on land, if they come into contact with something they send immediate messages to the eyes and enhance vision. If a reeshinu were to lose his whiskers, it would be quite a blow indeed.Eyes are a bit keener than human vision with the help of the wonderful whiskers, but they lack night vision.

When the animal comes into contact with water, however, something incredible happens. He will trade his lungs for a set of gills, and his hind legs will twine into a tail with as much muscle and finesse as a dolphins. The front paws will elongate into manipulative and clawed pectoral fins, allowing the animal to grasp and snag prey. Eyes have a protective film for water, and whiskers help again with navigation. Reeshinu gills are something again. Since the creatures exist in some places where no land can be found, the gills, with assisstance of whiskers, can pump and create a "bubble nest" much like a beta fish. Whole tribes of Yuakk can build a village suited entirely to air breathing, though these bubbles are strong and pliable, viable building material that will not pop until the maker wants it to. One reeshinu can create a bubble for himself or another individual, and thus make a 'scuba set'. They subsist mostly on fish and small land mammals, their teeth are sharp and predatory, capable of inflicting great damage. Very skilled fishermen, they can eat twice or three times their weight in fish a day unflinchingly, and looooove to catch and play with their prey. Of course, life for the reeshinu and the Yuakk in general is all in good fun!

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