Name - Rahjen
Pronunciation - RAH-jshehn
Size - five feet at the shoulder
Type - warm-blooded reptile
Coloration - browns; reds; golds
Temperament - vicious; one of the dumber species; hunt in coordinated packs; loose social structure
Description - A burly furred beast, Rahjens are quadrupeds and purely muscle. Their heads are ursine, wide-muzzled and with an ugly set of jagged teeth and long fangs. Set where their ears would be are two spiralled ram-like horns, sharp-tipped, thick, and heavy. Due to this, they rely on sight and scent to find prey. Their thick, powerful legs end in broad, splayed paws. Their claws are a sort of bony tentacle that can extend a few feet, sharp-tipped and fairly mobile. Their entire stocky body is built for endurance and strength, sacrificing speed in everything except for the whip-claws. Their long, narrow, barbed tails are several times longer than themselves, held coiled when walking, unleashed as a whip when needed. The barbs excrete poison.

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