Critter: Quomai

Name - Quomai [pronounced 'KWOH-may']

Size - 40-50 high at the top ridge of their shell; 60-70 feet long.

Physical Description - Quomai are thickly-built, furless, quadrupedal mammals. With thick, leathery skin, they have a wide torso covered by a thick, ridged keratinous shell that armors their back and the upper parts of their flanks, shoulders, and haunches. Their limbs are stocky, proportionally short, and very muscular, ending in five-toed 'feet' whose digits are tipped in hoof-like 'claws'. Their heads are streamlined and reptilian; their jaws, while strong enough to break small trees in half, are filled with semi-blunt teeth designed to handle foliage. They have thick, blunt tails about half the length of their torso. Quomai, overall, are very clumsy and non-agile beasts, but they are still exceedingly dangerous to smaller creatures.

Coloration - Quomai are dully-colored. Mottled, most are grey, grey-brown, tawny-and-medium-brown, and some have hints of moss-green, especially along their shells.

Temperament - Quomai are extremely violent herbivores that stay in herds of 5-20 individuals. Unlike Helks and 'Bens, they will not wait until a predator attacks before defending themselves; at first scent or sight of a hunter, they will stampede forward and attempt to crush it to the ground. If the hunter is close to their size - Trahe or larger - they will immediately flee. Their senses are keen and they are hard to take unawares, and so most smaller predators steer clear of these highly-aggressive grazers.

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