Quoam Ina


Invented By~ TFD

Home World~ Anyana

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-20 ft. Average is around 13ft

Species' Colors~ Metallic Black, Brown, Gold, Blue, Red, Green, and Silver. Silver & Gold Quoam-Inas are rare.

Temperment~ Varies. But for all QIs, when angered are vicious, heartless, and for the most part unstoppable until their rage is pacified, or they're killed. . When not mad.. well, that all depends on the individual.

Species' Description~ Now the hard part… *wishes she had a scanner* Legs like a lion's, yet longer. Wolf-like, almost. Body is slim and aerodynamic (sp?), long neck and horse-like head, yet shorter. Sharp claws on all four feet. Body is well-muscled yet has thick skin so muscles are not overly pronounced. Neck is ringed all around with scale-like projections which can be raised or lowered, like a bird fluffing its feathers. Ears are oddly shaped, almost like the head of a golf club, only more pointed. A small horn grows on the tip of its nose, pointing up. When needs be, its cheeks can be drawn back rather grotesquely, reaching almost directly underneath its eyes to reveal many bear-trap like teeth that point backwards. At the end of the row of teeth at the roof of its mouth are two hollow fangs that secrete a deadly poison which no creature on Anyana is immune to, save the Bri (BTW Sushi, these are Anyana's new Clatt-crets. Look different, same basic purpose. Explain later.) and the Scortia. It has four wings, very small when not in use yet they grow many times their original size when used. When they cease to be used they shrink once more. What makes this species unusual are its three tails. They are the length of its body and quite muscular. If one is bitten off they grow back again, taking only a few hours. The first has a long, very sharp blade, the second has a stinger which secretes the same poison as its fangs do, and the third is a hard bony knot. All three have spikes distributed evenly on them, but not a great number. They can fly quite quickly, about the same speed as a jet, and can run up to 100mph. Needless to say, they get around quicker in the air then on land.

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