Species: Quinus

Species' Name~ Quinus (individual/singular - Quine)
Home World~ Jhey
Height at the Shoulder~ 5-7 feet
Species' Colors~ Any natural color, any pattern, any markings… Eyes, claws, and spines are always metallic in hue, but never black or white.
Temperament~ Ohh… wild in the extreme. Untamable. Very strong-willed, rarely stubborn though - give them a good reason to change their mind and poof! it's changed. Quinus are very fiery in temperament and very hot-headed, impetuous, and definitely not to be provoked. They are warriors and nomads by nature and though they haven't the technological mind for space travel, their fellow Jheyans have willingly transported them to different worlds. Quinus are very fast in thought and deed, usually fairly honest, can be very sly and deceitful however, but usually they won't kill the innocent. (Note the key word - usually.)

Species' Description~ Quinus are termed like horses - stallions (adult male), mares (adult female), fillies (young female), colts (young male), and foals (young of either gender). And they're fairly equine in build. Their heads are definitely horse-like, but a horse's powerful jaws now wield the devestating power of a mouthful of sharp, feline teeth and long saberfangs. Their eyes are of one color, pupil not to be seen, and usually are luminous. Their necks are arched and powerful, Arabian-esque, and their mane is long and of varying textures, and runs all the way from their ears, down their neck, back, and most of the way down their tail. Their torsos are a little less equine, more feline - a strong, muscular mix of the two that's surprisingly agile and deep-chested. Their forelimbs are definitely equine, though a little more muscular; their hind limbs are an equal mixture of canine and equine, flexible and packing a heckuva kick. Their spine extends into a long, powerful tail that ends in a knot of heavy bone. Oh, and a ridge of sharp, slightly curving spines runs from between their shoulders halfway down their tail; these spines can ignite at any moment… which implies that Quinus are completely and totally fire-proof. Oh, I almost forgot… their 'hooves'. Aren't exactly hooves. They're cloven into four 'toes', almost, and these hooftoes are razor-sharp and claw-shaped, though not very curved as they'd dull quickly were they dug into the dirt with every step. Quinus have sleek, glossy fur, and generally take pride in their appearances.

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