Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ four feet

Species' Colors~ Shades of grey, silver, gold, bronze, copper

Temperament~ Highly territorial and aggressive over things that they consider theirs, but otherwise friendly and jovial, liking to play and compete. They're exceedingly intelligent and are technology-oriented. They're also extremely vocal, emitting growls, grunts, hisses, and every other conceivable sound to express emotions. However, they usually use telepathy to communicate.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, these cretts have canine heads with pointed, slanting ears, slanted eyes, and long fangs with otherwise lupine teeth. Their torso is deep-chested and narrow-waisted with two gargantuan wings, draconically shaped but thinly-feathered. They have a long, prehensile, muscular tail which ends in a tuft of fur and feathers. Their vaguely feline limbs are long and toned, agile and powerful. The forelegs end in clawed talons, the hind in broad, clawed paws. They are both feathered and furred, with feathers spreading down the back of their neck, along their spine and upper flanks, over their shoulders and hips, and down the top of their tail to the tufted tip. The rest of them is covered in soft, downy, glossy fur. Both feathers and fur are insulating.

History of the Sser, Naikin, and Quazzi~ A group of "radical" Olashi decided at one point that Base (their colonized, Terole-like planet where most mechanical things are built and kept) needed some more spacers, seeing as Olashi by far held the majority, followed by Nila, Tioasms, Wolvens, and the occasional Siyymn or Ulin or Grayk. So they went to Lavana, seeking someone who knew how to Baenae. The Baenae is a curse held over from the Dark Wars of Lavana, it curses a being into a body not their own for a specified amount of time, be it temporary or permanent. The group of twelve found someone and were Baenaed into three separate species, one quadruped and two biped. After much more work, it was made that the three species were "approved" by the Creators, one of each Baenaed Olashi was made into that species' Original, and thus they're still in existance today. Quazzi are the quadrupedal species, Ssers and Naikins are the bipedal species.

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