Pieno di Vita - Full of Life (PdV)

Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ bout 12 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any heavy earth tones.

Temperment~ Protective of young ones, very intelligent, dislike travel, live in prides…. these two are running away because of their lust to learn of everything. Once out of the atmosphere of Lavana, their lifespans exceed the 500 yr limit. Never will this species be unhappy for very long at all, for as their name states…. they are full of life.

Species' Description~ They have long legs, body, tail, neck, and snout. Dark eyes, they omnivorous. Males are thicker and stronger, females slimmer and swifter. They live in prides, have velvet short fur, very fast and strong. Their tails are extremely long w/ bull-like brace of horns on the end…. males' tail spikes are much bigger than femmes'. Big paws with sharp, regular claws, small sharp teeth, long canines. They heads are raptorish. On Lavana, they lifespan is less than sixty yrs. Off it, they can live past 500 yrs.

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