Invented By~ Tsal

Home World~ Etreus

Height at the Shoulder~ the species itself is about a foot high, ships they are placed in… range in what ever design the Phia asks for.

Species' Colors~ Dull greys and browns.

Temperment~ Like most humans, Phia's personalities have no generalization. It is different for every Phia.

Species' Description~ Phia's were sadly once great hunters on their planet. In the past muscular felines they evolved into small furry cats with short stubby legs when their main source of prey which tended to fight back… Were eventually all killed by the large number of carnivores on the planet. Most other carnivores on Etreus died out, unable to change their lifestyle. Phias however, shifted uneasily to a diet of planets. Phias then mutated through the generations to the weak but genius creatures that they are currently with no other carnivores to threaten them. At the same time, the Takothe, herbivores by nature and having no particular interesting in the Phias at the time, evolved into a technologically advanced society. Tokathe began to help many of the other species on the planet with their abilities, and it was only a matter of time until they found the distressed Phias, brilliant minds trapped in useless bodies. After speaking with the leader of the Phias they decided to provide "ship-bodies" for the small felines. By connecting a few wires to the powerful minds of the Phias, huge ships could be easily controlled and a piloting Takothe… not only would have company, but would have a backup "pilot" in case something happened to them. For the Phias, they would have a powerful titanium body that could move and explore vast spaces, a permanent friend in the pilot, a ship body of their own design, which would be built for them as they chose, and the ability to choose the pilot of their choice from the recently trained Tokathe young. Some Phias however, refused as they were afraid, they became the breeding stock who kept the species alive. At the age of 8, Phias could decide whether they wished to take on a ship, or take on the life of a permanent parent. The Phia-Ship project worked incredibly well, and within a decade, almost all Takothe piloted ships had a Phia within them. There was a training program formed for the Tokathe pilots, learning how to work with the Phias and complete their research… as research is what a Tokathe pilot is sworn to do. Unless of course, they go "Distant."

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