Species: Paumdra

The real name is Paumdra, but they're mostly known as Blunder(er)s… due to the lack of enunciation of their real species name. >,<

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 2.5 to 4 feet… another small species

Species' Colors~ Earth tones. They usually have solid pelts, or at least one darker color with lighter undersides, but calicos, tabbies, and dapples aren't unknown.

Temperament~ Generally easy-going and insatiably curious. They like to play with fire, so to speak, even if they've been burned before. They usually don't fear anything, and thus can be reckless/brave, depending on your opinion. Blunderers are smart, capable of working with machines, and due to their clawhorns, they can even build and wire technological… stuff. However, most prefer a rural lifestyle of adventure and fun. They value play above most things. Rare characteristics are pride, arrogance, passivity, pessimism, and malice.

Species' Description~ Short, stocky quadrupeds, Blunderers are notoriously tough for their size. They have compact, muscular forms with cat-like loose skin, making them slightly hard to get ahold of, and their thick skin is hard to pierce. With a bulldog-esque face and large, bat-like ears, they have deep-set, rounded eyes and a large canine nose, and a suspicious absence of whiskers. A two-inch long claw-like 'horn' is set above each eyebrow-bone and can be extended on prehensile tentacles that are lean, quick, not overly strong, and about two feet long. Due to this, there are two large, rounded lumps atop a Blunderer's skull. Going on… they have muscular, medium-length necks, a stocky torso with rib slats (widened ribs), and powerfully-muscled feline-ish legs. Their paws are cattish and broad, with bear-like retractable claws. Their tails are thick and about torso-length, muscular and capable of delivering a skull-crushing blow. Blunderers have excellent senses, topping Koratian senses by a little bit even. They're not too swift, either in running or in motion, but their endurance and strength is incredible, given their size, and they're fairly agile, given their build. They stay in packs, prefering large noisy gatherings to the more sedate, structured clans many species have. Blunderer pups are grown in six months, and they only live about sixty years, a short lifespan for a Lavanian, but considering they don't really hit decrepency until, oh, 58 yrs old, it doesn't bother them much. They tend to make the most of everything, and are the last cretts you'll find complaining about bad luck.

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