Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Uhh…. 6-7 ft, I think.

Species' Colors~ Black, gold, grey, silver, any metallic colour.

Temperment~ Vicious and jokesters, Panrets are dangerous adversaries and unpredictable carnivores.

Species' Description~ Definitely an odd one. Their heads are canine, great-dane style, with two antennae that are very sensitive. Their teeth are purely sharp, showing their preference for a meat-only diet, and their eyes are teardrop shaped, with the thicker end pointing towards the back of their skull, and completely black. They have longish necks and canine torsos. Their legs, however, are insectoid. Their forelegs are over ten feet long and from the shoulder go up, before bending once to go back down, into an ankle and a foot that looks like it belongs in a torture room with the rest of the serrated equipment. The foot has three serrated edges, each going downwards to help in climbing and fighting. Their hind legs are probably over 16 ft long, with the same joint system and feet as their forelegs. They have no tails.

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