Species: Oroya(i)

Name~ Oroya (plural- Oroyai)
Home World~ Shakala
Height~ 4-5.5 ft
Coloration~ Always with a very pale base color (white, pearl, silver, grey, ivory, blue-white, violet-white, peach) with a full-body pattern of small, darker (reds, purples, golds, blues, greens, black) markings (stripes, rosettes, spots, streaks). Eyes and manes are the same color as their markings; claws are white.
Temperament~ Mellow, like most Shakalans. Coming from a world where the struggle to live is against the climate instead of fellow creatures, Oroyai have an affinity for lifeforms all and find plants to be insanely interesting, as they have so few on their homeworld. They're gentle and kind, intelligent but usually not acidly so. Those who have left Shakala to take part in the Olashi space program tend to be braver, more adventurous types, but they've not lost the joy in living. The only things that can make any and all Oroyai seriously uneasy are extreme heat and crowds, neither of which they have much experience with.
Description~ Rather short beasts that can go on all fours but are more often found as upright bipeds (to better wade through the snow), Oroyai are thickly furred with long, often hip-length manes cascading from head and neck downwards in straight, silky tendrils. They have short, sturdy hind legs that pace digitigrade (like a human walking on the balls of their feet) on long, broad paws like those of a snowshoe hare. Their arms are humanish, though short as well, and end in broad, almost feline paws with slightly elongated digits that can just barely act as fingers. Their claws on both forepaws and pawfeet are dog-like, blunt, and unretractable. They have small, bear-like tails, and their torsos are definitely canine in structure, with widened ribs but nothing much special. Their heads are short-muzzled and broad, almost ape-ish in a way, especially when you take the flat teeth and wide nostrils into account. They have large, fox-like ears which are partially submerged in their luxurious manes. All in all, Oroyai are very furry, rather muscular, and short in stature.

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