Species: Onago(i)

Name - Onago [pronounced 'oh-NAH-go']

Size - Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of feet long. The largest found was over half a mile in length.

Physical Description - Gargantuan reptiles, Onago are have lizard-like heads with a full set of vicious, jagged teeth, and many have frills, spines, horns, or other draconic variations. Their scales are rough and almost plated, but Onago children have smoother, snake-like skin. Onago are hatched from eggs, which are laid in small clutches of five or six every decade or so. Onago are solitary beasts that never stop growing; the older an Onago is, the larger it is. Onago don't actually die of old age; as time passes, they reach a size that cannot be sustained (not enough prey or water, etc) and they die of starvation. Onago have a reputation of guile, cunning, deception, and wisdom; most Lavanians are very wary of them.

Coloration - Just about anything… tends towards blues, greens, golds, and purples. Silver is very common, as is black, but white and brown are rare. Most Onago are mottled with several colors, or with snake-like markings.

Temperament - It varies with each individual. Some Onago seem evil, others simply hostile, others reclusive, others friendly, others aggressive… etc. The larger they are, the worse their temper seems to get.

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