Olde Phia

Olde Phia

Invented By~ Kitty Ping-Pong

Home World~ Etreus

Height at the Shoulder~ 6 to 10 feet

Species' Colors~ Pretty much anything you can think up, except pink. Shading and markings are common, ranging from rosettes, to stripes, to spots, to appaloosaness. Plainly colored Phias are rare, unless earth-toned. Blades and claws are any metallic color.

Temperament~ Aggressive and territorial, but can be friendly and playful with pride-members. Very powerful and noble warriors with a good sense of honour.

Species' Description~ Olde Phia's have the body-build of any muscular wild earthen feline. However, they are unique in that behind their elbow and hock are long scythe-like blades. Their lengthy feline tails are slightly bulked up for the carrying of a retractable tail blade. Tail blades come in many shapes, the main three being dagger (straight and short), sword (straight and long), and crescent (curved with a kink in the tail for retractability). Wavy and serrated blades are another possibility but are rare and and cannot retract. Olde Phia's heads are simply feline with the addition of sharp saberteeth which on some can be retracted, and others not. This is normally found on the bigger Olde Phias with more jaw space. All Olde Phias have retractable claws. Phias have great lung capacity, and some can have webbed paws, normally those of the jaguar or tiger build. Phias are sentient, and intelligent. All have the ability to hear telepathic communication, and many can send telepathic messages. All Phias roar, despite their feline form.

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