Name - Numini ("Undead")
Pronunciation - NOO-mih-nee or noo-MIH-nee
Size - four-five feet at the shoulder
Type - mammal
Coloration - pitch black, never any variation; luminous fiery eyes
Temperament - silent killers; solitary hunters; possibly the most intelligent of all Xerachin beasts; ruthless and unshakable in pursuit; after mating, female kills the male and raises the kits on her own
Description - Glossily-furred, Numinii are vaguely feline in shape. Their muzzles are long and fox-like, with the snout and entire lower jaw encased in a 'skin' of raw bone. Their four legs are heavily muscled halfway down, and then the limb slims out into an equine shape, also encased in a 'skin' of bone. Fur resumes around the ankles and they have draconic talons with massive claws. Their tails are long and muscular, again covered in fur only from base to halfway down the tail, then bone-skin takes over untill the tail solidifies in one huge, scythe-like blade. Due to this bone-skin, Numinii have the appearance of rotting corpses with their very skeleton bared, thus earning them the nickname of the Undead. These felines are incredibly fast, agile, powerful, and impervious to most blows due to their bone-skin; their senses are also awesome, with eyesight keen in both light and shadow.

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