Species: Non-Maned Heifia(s)

Name - Non-Maned Heifia(s) [pronounced 'HY-fee-ah(z)']

Size - 3-5 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Very much the canine, NM Heifias are long-legged and muscular, with extra-broad paws (think wolf) and blunt black claws. Though they may resemble Great Danes in some areas, their tails are thicker and shaggier (German Shepherd-ish), and their heads are more wolf-like, with powerful jaws and elongated fangs. They're agile, fast, and enduring creatures, with a variety of excellent senses at their command.

Coloration - Shades of brown, tending towards medium-to-light hues. Once in a while, they'll have darker brown or even black muzzles and paws.

Temperament - Friendly in general, these easy-going carnivores live in packs and are very social. They're brave and loyal souls, just generally good people.

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