Invented By~ Moneshai

Height at the Shoulder~ 5 to 13 or so feet, with 10 being average for both genders.

Species' Colors~ Almost always pure black. Some may have underbelly markings of silver or white, and some may be dark dark grey. Eyes can be gold, silver, green, or blue.

Temperment~ Generally calm and noble, the Nigia race is a deadly enemy to the nearly-extinct Yosha, but otherwise doesn't pick fights based purely on species. These big cats are much like lions, though many aren't social. Noble is a good word in describing them, and some call them condescending or meddling, as well… but some are jealous. They're not hot-headed, mostly, and they work well with Korats, both species being one of the more successful on Lavana.

Species' Description~ Their shape is undeniably feline, long-legged and broad. Both genders have a long, full mane, like a lion's, a long heavy muzzle, and a lot of whiskers. Their tail is long, supple, and tipped with a long tuft of fur. Their hind paws are completely feline, but their forepaws are a cross between hands and paws, giving them five long toes that can be used to manipulate objects.

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