Species: Nickimiss(es)

Name - Nickimiss(es) [pronounced 'NIHK-ah-MIHS(-ez)']

Size - 12-16 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Long-legged and lean quadrupeds, Nickimisses have a shallow chest, narrow waist, and long torso. Their heads are canine with large eyes, saberteeth, and pointed ears. Their hind legs are Koratian, muscular with a Velociraptor-style paw, and very sharp claws. Their forelimbs, however, are many-jointed, slender yet strong, and end in cloven hooves. These strange beasts are covered in a short, sleek coat of water-resistant fur and have excellent eyesight; their other senses are also keen.

Coloration - Varying shades of blue, green, purple, or combinations of the three into one odd hue. Eyes are always gold or silver, and claws and tailblade tend to be black or silver.

Temperament - Nickimisses are fairly unknown Lavanians. From what the general populace knows, they're smart, fast, strong, and iron-willed… which could describe about 80% of species around. So we don't know details; the species hasn't done anything to make itself known…

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