Ni (ny) Plural~ Nii (nee-eye)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft.

Species' Colors~ An earth-tone for the base colour, often dark brown, dark grey, black, or dark green. They can change the colour to camoflauge themselves at will.

Temperment~ Unknown. Highly intelligent and crafty, though.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, recently Created on Lavana. They have long, crocodilian snouts, otherwise-wolfish heads, and long rabbit-style ears that at rest sweep out to the side. Their snouts are barely narrower than Korat's and flat on the top of the muzzle. Their teeth are crocodilian, uneven and rather vicious. Their jaws are incredibly strong, with the jaw muscles stretching into their long, powerful necks. Their fur looks something like dreadlocks, basically twisted ropes of often-wavy fur. Their torso has a deep chest and narrower waist but is proportionally short and thick. Their forelegs are slimmer than their hind and are very flexible, ending in long-toed, claws, five-toed paws, one toe acts as a thumb. Their hind legs are elongated feline, ending in a paw with four toes. Their tail is longer than themselves and ends in a Stegosaurus-type cluster of four long, dangerous spikes. They are very fast in using both their snout and their tail. They can run pretty fast and for a fairly long time, and they're believed to be pure carnivores.

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