Species: Nhauvra(e)

Nhauvra (plural-Nhauvrae)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 feet

Species' Colors~ A brown-gold-red (earth), green-blue-teal (water), yellow-white-orange (air), gold-orange-red (fire). The colors are smoothly mottled across the entire pelt. Eyes are usually any one vivid color, and having an eye of one color and an eye of another color is rather common. Claws and blades are either white, black, silver, or gold.

Temperament~ Curious and playful, but also very strong-willed and stubborn. They're brave and most wouldn't think twice of giving their life for a just cause, and for that matter, they tend to be somewhat thrill-seeking, though some admittedly are content with a simple life. Beyond that and a love for a good fight (and a reluctance to kill other sentients), Nhauvrae are just as diverse as humans.

Species' Description~ Built like jaguars, Nhauvrae have soft, shiny pelts and long whiskers. Though feline in shape, they have a wide range of flexibility in movement. Their extra-large paws have massive and wickedly curved claws which are mostly retractable, leaving only the sharp clawtip bared when fully sheathed; their forepaws are perfectly feline, but their hind paws have three elongated digits, instead of the forepaws' four short toes. They have long, muscular tails sporting a blade at the tip - this blade is spade-shaped with two small prongs on each side of the base (I can't describe it very well without a picture) and up to nine inches in length, though the average is 6-7". Nhauvran heads, while utterly feline, sport two pairs of saberfangs - one of canines, which reaches just past their lower jaw, and the other sprouting from their lower incisors (I think… dental work is not my strong point) and elongated to two inches in length. The last point to make about the basic build of Nhauvrae is their horns; bull-like, they sprout from their temples and are very sharp. Male horns are thinner, broader, and longer, and far sharper than females' and thus more prone to breaking (though they will be regrown). Female horns are shorter, thicker, and closer to the head, sharp-tipped but not hair-slicing-sharp. Nhauvran senses are excellent, except for the horn-marred hearing, but their sight and smell more than make up for the lack.

The four breeds, known as elementals (as opposed to breeds), don't differ overly much in body build. Earths are more muscular, airs faster, fires with enlarged teeth, horns, blade and claws, and waters amphibious with webbed paws. In temper, earths are calmer, airs more intelligent, fires more passionate, and waters more emotional. Exceptional Nhauvrae have learned to wield their element's power to a certain extent, either in raw energy or in the physical form (ie directing a river's course).

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