Invented By~ Devan

Height At Shoulder~5ft to 6ft, Males tend to be larger then females.

Colors~Either Gold with grey claws, mane, and blade or Black with white claws, mane and blade, or Teal with Blue claws, mane and blade.

Temperament~ They tend to be kind and gentle unless provoked, but when hunting males often will fight with others over the food. Also when fighting over a mate males can become extremely agressive.

Description~ A large creature with an equine body but a long whiplike tail with a sythe like blade at the end. The four legs are strong and broad with three sharp hooked claws at the end of each fore leg, their hind legs have blunt hooves. Their heads are raptor like in shape but they have fur covering their whole body. They have tall cat like ears that give them an extremely good sense of hearing. Their eyes are almond shaped and they have manes. The foals have short bristly manes just like horses. One tooth sticks out of their mouth like a crocodiles. Their gait is a gallop, or a trot if they wish to go slow. They can reach speeds of 50 mph for about an hour if they wish… Most Nevashis are escaping to Terole from their old planet of Shaleem in which a human expedition had lead to their capture and use in riding and pulling things.

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