Nero Luce

Nero Luce / Black Light

Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ Around 5 to 7 ft.

Species' Colors~ Always black, generally with shades of barely lighter color to highlight their form.

Temperment~ Well, generally playful and nice, but one btsa of a fighter if you cross one.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, of course. Okay, picture a polar bear, and a Saint Bernard next to it. Put them together and enlarge it to about 6 ft at the shoulder. Turn the brown and white fur into something that looks like black light, but is a form. That is a Nero Luce. Their features are so obscured that normal cretts can't really distinguish anything about them other than their size and the fact that they're quadrupeds, but their eyes can be seen as points of colored light. Despite their ghostlike appearance, they are quite solid and very furry. Even if you get very close to one (which is easy since they're very friendly) you can't make out much. BUT! You can't see through one either! They're quite… um…. affectionate…. and you'll often get knocked down by a friendly pounce or swat. They're strong, and surprisingly smart, although most play dumb because of their personalities. They can live up to about 130 years of age, and none have magic. (Raluhai is the Original and the exception, she's immortal unless killed and she has a good bit of magicks at her call.) They have sharp retractable claws and large canines, but otherwise blunt teeth. Their tails are somewhat short for their size.

Planet~ They come from Shakala, sister-planet to Terole and Lavana, where the ice is thick and snow constant.

Note~ Nero Luces seem to be black light to us because their vision is so different. They see in a different spectrum than most, and to them, they look completely normal whilst everything else looks like shades of light.

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