Nekian Feeind

Nekian Feeind

Invented By~ Kay

Home World~ Nekoo

Height at the Shoulder~ Females 6-8 ft, males 6-9.

Species' Colors~ Any shade of brown or grey, with metallic gold or silver being the most common color for blades, horns, and claws. Other colors include bronze or copper.

Temperament~ A far cry from any Anyanan or Kytan feeind. Nekians are more apt to be pleasant and hospitable, but still carry the temper of your average Feeinds. Nekians are not nearly as diabolical and blood-thirsty, but they can be in times of war.

Species' Description~ Human body-form, somewhat leonine in the face, with a heavy jaw and many sharp teeth. Lion-like nose. On the head are two scythe-shaped horns on both sides, and four cylindrical and slightly forward-curved claw-like horns make a line from the top of its head to the back, getting smaller nearer the rear of the head. Males more thick and muscular, females thinner and quicker, less strong but more agile minds. Their tail is like a thick bony cord, very long, with a retractible sword-like blade at the end. Their hands are tipped in sharp claws, and also have two retractible blades that extend from the back of their hands. Feet are also tipped in claws. On Nekoo, which is actually a moon, they have a very rich and complex culture, much like our own pre-modern times.

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