Species: Neiem


Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4.5 to 6 feet

Species' Colors~ Males are a solid shade of orange, from orange-yellow to orange-red. Females are a mottled/dappled hue of violet, their base color from indigo to fuchsia- their faded markings, usually round or rosette in shape, can be lighter or darker than their base color. Males have solid gold eyes, females solid silver (solid meaning that iris and pupil are all the same hue, due to a tinted cornea). Those few Neiem Of the Line have solidly-colored eyes, one silver and one white. Claws are always black. Female blades are silver, male blades are gold.

Temperament~ Aloof is the first word that comes to mind. Neiem are noble and sophisticated creatures with a complex system of rank and social interactions, which they tend to follow to the letter. However, Of the Line Neiems tend to relax into other species' customs when among that particular species, as they exhibit a markedly higher intelligence and a more adaptable personality. (This is rare, to have such a notable separation in mind between Of the Line and not.) However, though most Neiem tend to stick to their own species, they'll die to see that something that they believe is right or just gets done. In fighting… no holds are barred.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, Neiem have a feline body with canine proportions, muscular but tall and long-legged all the same. They have a wolfish head, almond-shaped feline orbs, and no whiskers. A single, spiralled horn erupts from their forehead, tapering to a razor-sharp point. A luxurious, leonine mane cascades past their ears, dousing their neck in thick curly tendrils, and reaching to their chest. Their fur elsewhere, medium-length, is tightly curled and surprisingly soft. Neiem forepaws are slender and long-toed, hindpaws heavier and broad, all toes tipped in retractable, curving, sharp claws. These claws are always retracted when not in a fight, unless they need traction. To top it off, Neiem have long, muscular tails ending in a straight, 8+10 inch tailblades, which they call their bonedagger. These bonedaggers extend straight from the tailtip, and a fleshy, flexible, but tough deposit of extra skin acts as a sheath when the bonedagger isn't in use. When fighting, this skin-sheath rumples up at the very base of the bonedagger, thus leaving the razor-sharp blade free to deal out damage. Neiem are fast but not sonically so; strong but not shockingly so. They strike a balance between speed and strength, agility and endurance that renders them superior in most fights. Their senses are overall sharp; their ears are clogged with fur so their hearing isn't as keen as it could be, their vision is tainted either gold or silver due to their tinted cornea but is otherwise very keen in the daytime and weaker at night, but their true forte is their sense of smell. Due to their sensitive horn (which is rarely used in fighting), they can also pick up air currents, electromagnetic patterns of nearby creatures, and changes in atmosphere.

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