Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Five to six feet, females being the smaller.

Species' Colors~ Oh, just about anything under the sun.

Temperament~ Males are very boisterous and loud, braggarts, and rather cocky. Females are snappish, short-tempered, and usually blunt. However, underneath this outside facet, Naikins are highly intelligent, empathic creatures, enjoying the simple things like hunting, fishing, and farming (one of the few species on Lavana who does like agriculture) and liking good company. They're very technology-oriented and exploring space and new worlds is their passion.

Species' Description~ Whell, they're bipeds with their spines nearly horizontal, so they're not what I'd call "upright bipeds". They have human/raptor arms, long and clawed fingers. Their hind legs are purely Velociraptor, except for the feet, which are simply talons. Their torso is rather compact, muscular, and feline. Their heads are definitely raptorish, with large luminous eyes, long sharp teeth, and internal nostrils and ears. Their voices are very deep and very loud, with hearing matching the low frequencies. They have one long, "normal", prehensile tail which ends in a four-inch blade, surrounded by nine other smaller, thinner, but nearly as long prehensile tails. The surrounding tails make sort of a teardrop shape around the main tail, and are five to six feet long, with the main tail being up to seven feet. Snake-skinned Naikins are very fast runners and excellent tree climbers, preferring the trees to the ground. Each gender has a little "advantage" on the other. Males can breathe fire. Females, on the other paw, have long, straight "claws" aligned with their arm. When extended, these claws protrude directly above their wrist joint and reach a foot past their fingers and are something of a conductor. For you see, females also have small reserves of energy in their bodies, enough to generate a powerful electrical shock which is shot off from that one claw in each arm. As a very hierarchal species, females use this when males get out of line. Usually, dominance is established by a test of wills, a race, an obstacle course, or simply noise-making, but when fighting occurs, the nearest female will stop it immediately. When fighting, Naikins tend to lose control and go psychotic, trying to kill insanely. This makes them excellent hunters, but poor at "friendly" sparring matches.

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