Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Mramil

Height at the Shoulder~ 6-7 ft.

Species' Colors~ Reptilian colours.

Temperment~ Err. Stiff, very rigid and structured. They're not allowed to have emotions in their society, and must constantly be annoyed, busy, angry, or frustrated. Their homeworld destroyed in one of their many wars (against each other and other species) they travel the galaxies in their massive warships, looking for planets to colonize and searching for the perfect species to be their servants.

Species' Description~ Bipeds. Rather turtle-like, actually. They have a short-muzzled, broad lizard-type head with heavy jaws and small teeth, and small eyes. They pretty much have no neck, just huge, hulking shoulders that go above their head by about a foot or so, seeing as their neck, such as it is, sticks straight out. Their arms are long and hugely muscled, ending in two thick fingers and a thicker, shorter thumb. Their torsos are turtle-like, though instead of a shell they simply have very tough, mottled hide on their back and the inside is… kinda like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their legs are about half the length of their arms, squat, and thick, with elephant-style feet. They're very thick, heavy creatures and aren't too fast.

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