Invented By~ Steam Will Rise

Shifting Stages~ The Muaru have developed Shifting Stages for battle, which is quite frequent on their home world of Lavana. It hurts very badly to Shift to a higher stage, but not to Shift back down. Shifting also heals wounds.

~The first level is lower than their true form, it's about 2 ft high with no sharp claws and only canines are dangerous. They don't have a tail, or wings, or ears in that stage. It's usually used to spy or hide, for their senses are the best then.

~The next stage is their true form is about 4 ft at the shoulder, and has feline claws and teeth. Basically a pure feline, really. Details differ though.

~After that, it becomes very painful to Shift up to a higher form. The next form up is a feline, about 8 ft high, with very large claws, deadly teeth, and a tail blade, as well as draconic -but soft- wings. Much stronger, and it takes a lot of effort, but they can cough up firehairballs at enemies. Excellent senses. Heads are a cross between feline and canine now.

~Even more painful to Shift to their highest form, which has leathery, impenetrable wings with spikes on the wing bone. Also large talons for their front paws, and their back claws are poisonous. Their tail has lengthened and strengthened majorly, with the blade much larger and sharper. Their head is raptorish with some nasty teeth, and their canines are sabertooths. Very strong, and can breathe fire very easily. Superb senses.

Height at the Shoulder~ In their true form, 4/5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any. Nothing garish but yes, blue and green and violet have been seen. They are always very intense colors.

Temperment~ It very much depends on the individual.

Species' Description~ Well, I'll tell you what their true form looks like, so if you want to picture them in a higher or the lower stage, all you have to do is make the changes mentioned in the Shifting Stages part. Eheh. They're felines, with slightly longer muzzles and longer, canine-ish ears. They have long whiskers, and very expressive eyes. Their bodies are basically feline, with slightly longer limbs and torso, and the muscles very toned and wiry. Their coats are glossy and thick and smooth. Their tails are longer, not exactly feline, since they're prehensile and thicker, more muscular. The very tip is almost flattened out, useful for grabbing hold of things. Their paws, in front, and long and they have four 'toes' with retractable claws; and in back, they have broad paws with dull, canine-ish claws. Beautiful creatures.

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