Invented By~ Kitty

Home World~ Keshal

Height at the Shoulder~ Huge range… anywhere from 4 to 7 feet, shorter beasts tending to be slightly more staunch and muscular while taller seem to be all leg.

Species' Colors~ Black, white, and any shade of grey, brown, red, gold, or silver. Stripes, blazes, and sock markings are the usual, with patches as a rarity. All marking colors tend to be more vibrant then the "backdrop". Eye color can be anything, but neon shades of the markings are common.

Temperament~ No set temperment. Common values consist of a sense of honour and family life, especially a devotion to other members of the planet-wide Morolla pack that all of the beasts belong to. This does tend to keep the Morolla race as a decent society, in which all Morollas consider each other as kindred.

Species' Description~ Morollas are quadropeds built for one thing, and one thing only… speed. Their legs are long and well musculed, attaching to the body in ball-joints. Each leg is built with an extra piece of cartiledge between their upper and lower leg bone that when bent forward can release wing-like appendages from each leg. These "flaps" can be used for the simple display of dominance, air control for extra air speed, or even gliding. Morolla feet are long like their legs, five toed hand-paws with three fingers facing forward, one curved back behind that is opposible and marked by a curvy dagger claw, and the fifth held erect in a raptorine fashion. These toes can be held out straight, or lean up on when traveling at the fastest of speeds. In actual body, Morollas are practically all muscule, deep barrel chests containing massive lungs protected by not ribs, but a firm fib wall. Their haunches are almost always well-toned and ready for the immediate sprint, yet another adaption for speed. Morolla tails are lengthy, starting at a bulky mass of muscule that could knock the best-prepared crett off it's feet, and tapering down to little more then whip consistancy, ready to deal a stinging blow. About a foot from the tip of this lengthy apendage is the Morollas expertly ridged tailblade… each Morolla having it's blade carved into an intricate design at the ceremony of his/her joining of the Morolla pack. (aka: birth) This carving keeps the blade light weight, but is so carefully done by only the best trained experts, that the blade remains strong enough for clashing and cutting in battle. Morolla necks are long and curving, most often held against their back for ease and comfort, but can lash out in battle or to display dominance. As for their heads, Morolla's have a somewhat equine appearance, with a jaw that extends back to about three inches before their eyes. They have both nose slits and canine nose, providing them with an excellent sense of smell and the ability to breath deeper. Behind their jaw bone are also gill-like slits that provide yet another way for Morolla's to pull oxygen to their lungs. Morolla's all have manes which run from slightly infront of their ears, down their winding neck and back to where their tail connects with their body. Femme's normally wear theirs long, and males chop theirs short, but a few of the femme's with a need for speed have chopped off their mane's except their forelock in order to gain time. Morolla ears are lengthy and flexible, good for letting heat escape the body. Finally, for fur length, all Morolla hair is thin and light weight, the rarity having longer fur in fringes by their paws, or the tail tuft beneath their blade. Why all these speed adaptions you ask? Morollas enjoy racing about at common speeds of up to 600 miles per hour.

As for lifestyle, Morolla are typically nomadic beasts, with some settling down in "Home-Packs" and establishing territories approved by the Alpha of all Morollas. However, Morolla's are technologically advanced enough to create their own ships and control them, using specially designed "seats" supporting their upper half… as their fore-arms use the opposible hind claw for controls. Morolla's do not use anything along the lines of magick, but telekinetic ability has been known to flow through the veins of those who are of direct lineage of Skjota'Dyro… The original Morolla from whom the blood of all Morolla's flows!

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