Monakjei, "Tree Swinger" (moen-AKK-jye)

Invented By~ Kain

HM: Magaol

Height: 4 feet

Colors: Hmm. They are usually greens and browns.

Personality: Downright sweet. These monkey-cretts live a shy life, staying away from ones that aren't their kind, but enjoy the company of other Monakjei. Not much is known about them for this fact. They can be rambunctious, escpecially in play, but are usually calm.

Appearance: Like a monkey, really, with long arms, each capped with a seven-fingered human hand. Their legs are incredibly stubby, they have no knees, each leg is about 4 inches long, and has a large foot like a human hand, with the seven fingers again. Thier bodies are like pears, and their necks are about a foot long. Their heads are logner than a monkey's, with a weird hair mass like a pineapple's leaves, and long ears. They are the Monkey Earth Base, and have the power of the Tree.

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