Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Anywhere from 80 to 130 ft. They're the biggest land animals on Lavana.

Species' Colors~ Deep earthy tones, ranging from grey, black, to brown. A few, usually females, can be a lighter brown or grey, but that's fairly rare and usually darkens as they reach adulthood. They can have markings, usually leopard-like, with the spots or rosettes being rather small and intricate.

Temperment~ For all their size, they're usually quiet, keeping near the families and clans/nests for the most part and only ranging abroad to hunt. They are very antisocial to other species, and while they don't patrol a territory, it's wise not to come too close. Within their families or clans, the bonds are strong, but many Minmons choose to lead a solitary life, roaming Lavana freely. They aren't one of the smartest species, but don't underestimate them. They can sit on you. =-P

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds. Bbbbbiiiiggggg quadrupeds. They are very heavily built with long, shaggy fur and tough hides. Their claws are not retractable, are curved, and very sharp. They do have big, semi-feline paws. Their tail is as long as themselves, semi-prehensile, muscular, and tipped in a blade that can be over 25 feet long in some big females. (Females are the larger gender.) Their heads are rather rectangular, with heavy muzzles and broad skulls. Their teeth are much like a Korat's, only far larger, their ears are wolfish and keen, and their eyes are also keen. Males have two small nubs of bone right before and to the inside of their ears. They rely mostly on their sense of smell. Despite their fearsome and ground-shaking appearance, these big cretts are omnivores, able to eat trees (yes, the whole thing), grass, and brush as well as their staple prey: Quomai. (Quomai: think big spiked turtle that's about 30-40 ft high and ornery and live in herds.) Minmons aren't very populous on Lavana, for obvious reasons of too little food, but the only cretts who come close to them in size (Athia, Aye) tend to leave them alone. They helped greatly in the Dark Wars, so most Lavanians are grateful and don't disrespect Minmons.

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