Species: Meure(s)


Pronunciation~ MER; MUHRR; MYUHRR

Height at Shoulder~ 5 to 8 feet

Weight~ 1200 to 2200 lbs.

Length without tail~ 8 to 16 feet

Length with tail~ 16 to 48 feet

Colours~ Any earth colour with any type and earth tone of marking. Eyes are gold, silver, or some other metallic colour.

Temperment~ Definitely depends on individual, though this species loves the challenge of the physical, be it fighting, racing, swimming, or hunting. They're usually very intense and have been known to let their emotions get to their heads… which could or could not be a good thing.

Description~ They're a heavy-bodied, thickly furred quadruped. Their paws are feline, broad and powerful, and are tipped in vicious, curving claws. On the forepaw, the innermost toe can turn to be semi-opposable, acting as a thumb when needed. Their legs are heavily muscled, yet remain flexible, and are more catlike than anything. Their head is feline-ish, with a broad, heavy-jawed muzzle and long fangs with almost shark-like teeth. (IE, all but the molars are just as sharp and shaped like fangs) They also have saberteeth, which can be retracted to settle in sheathes in the top jaw. Their ears are cupped, almost panther-style. Their neck is muscular, with a type of throat referred to as a center-throat - the esophogas, windpipe, and vital blood vessels are wrapped securely around the spine, with layers of heavy muscle protecting the sensitive areas. Thus, slitting a Meure's throat is not an option. Their hides are tough, furred, and usually dark-colored. Their torso is thick, deep-chested, and unlike Korats, they don't have a rib wall, but neither do they have a rib cage, instead having large slats of bones which are called rib slats. Their tails are long, prehensile, and tipped in a dense knot of bone not unlike the Zooatu's. Covering this surprisingly-effective defense is a long, silky tuft of fur. This tail, in males, is longer than themselves, and in females, the length can be doubled their body length. The males also have horns, bull-style, which can reach four feet in length and are very sharp-tipped. Most males enjoy wrestling with their horns locked in place.

They also possess a breath weapon - they can breathe short bursts of nyxr. Nyxr is a white, mist-like substance that sends out bolts of energy and shock-waves to any living thing that it touches. Occasionally, a Meure will have the usual nyxr, and then a sort of esyk-nyxr - an acid mist. This esyk-nyxr will disintegrate anything it touches within seconds, and is very rare, but in those Meures claiming to possess it, they also claim to be able to control whether nyxr or esyk-nyxr is breathed upon an opponent. In some individuals, this ability to spew nyxr is nonexistant, and others have a knack for it and can sustain long streams of nyxr. A small sac above their lungs contains an basic chemical which, when mixed with their saliva and enough oxygen, will ignite into a brilliantly hot white 'mist'. A barking or huffing motion will produce a nyxr-devv, a mist-ball, while a suspended roar will produce a long stream of nyxr. Esyk-nyxr can only be produced in a spray of white-silver droplets, which can reach up to ten feet away. Because of this nyxr-breathing ability, Meures have resilient hides, skin and fur growing back at incredible rates, as well as being hard to harm in the first place. Some Meures even have nyxr-immune hides! A second, nyxr-related ability belongs to their eyes. Small, pale blue bolts of electricity can be shot with a concentrated mind from the eyes. These aren't enough to kill more than an earth-rat, but sting for a while and can possibly blind. However, the aia-shot is usually reserved for tag-games or spooking up prey. ((Esyk-nyxr is said as ESS-ick-NIH-kzer — nyxr-devv is NIH-kzer-dehvv — aia-shot is A-yuh.))

Meure senses, however, are incredible. To make up for an 'average' body build among the alien races they've encountered, Meures have developed a very keen array of senses. Their eyes are binocular-vision, able to focus from great distance. The light spectrum visible to them extends into the infrared and then just barely higher in ultraviolet than humans can see. They are not, however, purely creatures of sight - their sense of smell and their hearing is also excellent. Their whiskers are long and touch-sensitive, which is heightened when in darkness. Also, like earth sharks, Meures can sense the electromagnetic fields of other creatures, within a close distance. More than ten meters away, and it's worth nothing, but when closer, they can sense the near-exact position of any living thing around. A much more recent evolution is echolocation, which bounces sonar off objects to sketch rough pictures when sight simply isn't enough.

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