Species: Merfolk


Physical Description~ Merfolk are, as one might expect, half-human and half-'fish'. Their human halves are uniform throughout their races and truly do resemble a human's upper half, though their hands and fingers are much longer and webbed, and their 'ears' are simply fins. They don't have hair, so to speak, but some have fancy fins that can resemble hair; their eyes are large and dark, usually seeming glassy because of the protective outer coating, and their lips are thin. There are four main races of merfolk: sharkfolk, fishfolk, dolfolk, and sealfolk. Sharkfolk are the largest, their lower half resembling that of a tiger shark; their features tend to be angular and lean, their muscles corded and powerful, and their colorations blue/green/purple tinged with grey, black, or pure grey. Fishfolk are the most varied of the four, lower halves resembling a variety of fish; their features match their body shape, and colors range the spectrum (fishfolk are the most colorful). Dolfolk have a dolphin's lower half, are the best swimmers of the four, and tend to be quite social; their facial features are open and expressive, their build toned and sleek, and their coloration ranges the spectrum from blue to green to purple to grey, with golden and pinkish rare. Sealfolk are the real oddities, as they do indeed have fur on both upper and lower halves of their sleek, small bodies; the smallest race but often the swiftest and most agile, sealfolk can be browns, greens, and greys, sometimes spotted. Their features are far more bestial in the face, as well. Sharkfolk and fishfolk have gills behind their earfins, while dolfolk have gills and a blowhole (amphibious) and sealfolk are air-breathers and lack gills completely.

Temperament~ Seemingly with the entire planet to themselves, as Cadora is 60% saltwater, merfolk are usually considered unknowable by land-dwellers. Truth be told, in mentality they aren't that different. Most are fairly social and affectionate, though dangers of the ocean makes them more reliant on instinct than most land-dwellers; this often makes humans especially underestimate them and consider them savages. They're insanely creative and live art, love art, breathe and sleep art (art being not only images but word and song and dance). Often considered the most beautiful and marvellous of the races, merfolk are simply a false enigma to the vast majority of land-dwellers.

Culture~ Merfolk… are not technological. They do not have weaponry, clothing, buildings, or anything else; the most advanced objects they can create on their own is jewelry, and those are simply beautiful. Nearly all merfolk are migrational/nomadic, and those that do stay in one place tend to live in coral reefs, perfect for their needs without the necessity of alterations. Their culture is remarkable only for the art that the merfolk create— with image, word, music, and dance, they have brought the ocean to life, and somehow can transmit such splendor to those on dry land through their art. Unlike the humans and their gods, and the kat'ni and their soul-mates, the merfolk view 'higher beings' as water spirits, things like ghost-whales and sea-dragons.

Relationship with Other Races~ Land-dwellers are a curiosity. In fact, their view on the other six races is much like the kat'ni point of view; they are equals but a little strange, a little wonderful in their eccentric differences. Merfolk appreciate diversity with a love of life and thus approach the other races with an open heart and open mind. Most of all, they love kat'ni, as their approach to other creeds is very similar, and the two races have developed a stronger bond than merfolk with human or demon. However, merfolk also love lizardfolk, as the reptiles can swim better than nearly all other land-dwellers and are very water-oriented themselves; merfolk also like tiquins quite well, as tiquins can morph into a water-going shape to swim with the mers at whim.

Location(s)~ It depends on the race of merfolk… Sharkfolk can range the waters from near the equator (which crosses the bottom fourth of Erodak and isn't too far from the top of Khetten), while dolfolk prefer warmer waters, and fishfolk the cooler waters. Sealfolk are really the only mers to actively seek the coldest waters available. Due to shipping routes, there aren't many to be found along the 'path' from Khetten seaports to those of Eliode, but many surround Khetten and live along the west shoreline of Eliode and Ives.

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