Mekkhaeoaknamlai (Mek hye OKE namm lye) ((Mekk for short))

Invented By~ Kain

Home World~ Magaol

Height at Shoulder~ 'Bout…50 feet. The males are a bit larger, and they're all 'bout 100 feet long.

Temperment~ Serene. They are spiritual, and extremely careful, and kind. They are cautious, always thinking every action through before it is done. This caution has evolved into incredibly long life, usually among the 5,000 years area. They spend their time helping the "Small Ones" because their so-called Leader is supposed to come after their Banishment. They have a long history. That's explained, partly, soon. They rarely forget anything, no matter how small, and spend their long days recording it all.

Colors~ Suttle, faded. It usually fades over time. Say, if it was bright crimson at birth, even though they -aren't- bright crimson, then at death it'd be a peachy white. Their colors range from soft browns to grays and greens, and some light reds and blues and yellows. Pastel colors, really. Some oddities are black as night, and others are pure white. Their eyes are always a firey color, supposedly the rage that is long forgotten, but still stains their orbs. AKA, golds, yellows, reds, oranges, even white and gray(ashes). Or a mix. Their manes are also a subtle tone, of the previously listed. Their wings are always a mix, still of the light and faded colors.

Appearance~ Ooh, fun. I'll get a picture -someday.- if I remember. The Mekk are quadrupeds, and used to be valiant fighters. A couple of their warrior traits haven't yet evolved out of them, but most are. Their head is quite humanoid, really, with a slight snout. Sort of lizardy snout. The eyes are rather feline, but large and slightly rounder, with bigger consistant pupils. They have long, elven ears, the best way to describe them. The head is connected to a long, willowy neck, with a flowing mane. Their bodies are more muscled, but still graceful, with a thicker chest than hips. Their ribs are thin, to house large lungs, capable of drawing a large breath and holding. Their lungs cushion their hearts. Not very good protection, but its a small precaution. Mekk backs arch slightly, and at the spine's base is a not-too-flexible tail, like a dinosaur's. At each bony shoulder, they have a large, butterfly wing. Not capable of flight, more for balance. It's thin, and mostly for balance, with longer vertibrae. Their legs, too, are long and willowy, and they have two knees. One knee moves like a human's would, back, and the next one like, say, a wolf's, forward. But that's only for their hind legs. Their forelegs have only the fore-bending knee. Each leg is tipped in a hand, like a human's, but with longer fingers and can bend, in the same direction, in five joints instead of three, and four on the thumb. On each finger, also, is a half-claw, quite blunt and used only for gripping the ground. A half-claw is like a skin covered bone, there but not. The Mekk are covered in skin, like a human's mixed with a lizard's, but tougher. They are incredibly fast, due to their aerodynamic build, and are deft with their long fingers.

BREIF History~ The Mekk once were warriors. They were some of the toughest on Magaol. Their wings weren't butterfly's, but simply not there, and their claws were thicker, and they had spikes and blades and fangs and huge, gouging, jagged horns. Their colors were brilliant, to attract a fight, then dazzle the opponent. and they lived much shorter, onyl about 100 years. But then, they started to lose control in their fighting. They killed more and more, until the mere hitning of a sight of one would send the bravest crett bawling. The Leaders of Magaol didn't like this. They somehow, no one really knows, subdued one of the Mekk. They bloodily stripped it of its built in weapons. Slowly, they captured more, and brought them to the same fate. It wasn't death, no. After they did this, the Mekk would run and cower, shamed because they could fight no longer. They call this the Banishment. Now, the remaining few valiant Mekk escaped the Banishment, and fled from that section of Magaol. Supposedly their offspring are still there, waiting…you can join as one, just e-mail me. Anywho, the Mekk who were stripped of weaponry belive that their Leader will come if they complete enough of the small Ones', any crett smaller than them, needs, to free them from their Exile and let them roam again.

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