Invented By~ Sembar

Height at the Shoulder~ Around 4 to 6 feet.

Species' Colors~ Either pure black, smoke gray, dark red, or a deep green and blue pattern.

Temperment~ Not nice at all. They can, actually, be calmed down and settle in a nice place, and act fairly ok, but it's more rare. These guys have the habit of making such a bad first impression that everyone tries to either kill them or kick them out. But, generally, they love to wreak havoc, and they love the hunt more than anything. If nothing else, they will hunt and kill prey. It's in their blood.

Species' Description~ A low-slung feline body, with many replitian features. Their legs are short and thick, and very muscular. They have a tail twice the length of their body, which is heavy and dense, enough to swipe you over. Their feet are dragon's talons, broad and heavy and strong, tipped with large claws. Their heads resemble a rat's mixed with a dragon's head. It's a long, pointed snout filled with razor-sharp teeth and two fangs that curve to it's chin. The eyes are usually a neon color and glow at night. They have whiskers and ragged, small ears. Gives the impression of a snakish ratlike feline. Not to be called ugly though. You'll get your head bit off.

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