Maeqeli (plural - Maeqelii)

Invented By~ Shehanu

Home World~ Aibla

Height at the Shoulder~ Five feet, give or take a foot.

Species' Colors~ Various pastels.

Temperament~ Unknown, but highly intelligent.

Species' Description~ Maeqelii are spacefaring bipeds. With a narrow-snouted, many-whiskered vulpine head, they appear intelligent and alert. They have an almost snake-like torso, which branches into two slender, long tails, one ending in a straight blade and the other in a curving claw. Their forearms, closely held to their chest, are heavily muscled and have slender talons with retractable claws. Their two hind legs, vaguely dinosaurian in build, are powerfully built and end in draconic talons.

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