Invented By~ Kesthi

Height at Shoulder~ quadruped form: 3 to 4 1/2 ft, biped form: 6 to 7 ft.

Colors~ Any color, really, but not like purple…earthen tones…tunics can be any color.

Temperment~ Wolven are distant creatures, not really attached to any one thing. Staying in the shadows, they aren't the most sociable creatures, and are usually snappy to a fault. They are excellent critics, if you don't get offended easily, and are willing to fight. Even eager, if they dislike the fightee. Walking the darker edge, none are evil, yet few are the moral happy things.

Description~ The Wolven are a secretive bunch, not staying in lighted areas and all that. Normally nocturnal, they can see well in darkness. They have excellent senses and are good spies and pilots, with fast reflexes and cool under pressure. They have two forms, which they can Shift between, somewhat akin to Earth's werewolf. The quadruped (quad) form is very canine, almost exactly like a very large wolf with shaggy fur. Except for the draconic wings and retractable claws that go along with that form. Their biped (bi) form is different. It is like the werewolf's middle form, with characteristics both 'human' and 'animal'. In the bi form, Wolven are tall, furred, clawed, and deadly. They are muscled and wiry, and are surprisingly quick on their feet (more like pawfeet with talon-claws). Their hands are rough and a bit ungraceful, but have five fingers with claws and can wield a weapon quite well. In bi form they also do have a tail, and do wear tunics. They often have belts and a pouch to carry things, and also weapons. They are one of the few bipedal forms on Lavana that can fight well. (The ones that can't fight well are very close to dead, heh.) Their fur is rough and shaggy, with a 'mane' in bi form, much like human hair. They do have fangs in bi form as well. They are omnivorous.

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