Loeck (LOH-ehk)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana and Talritai

Height at the Shoulder~ 3-4 ft.

Species' Colors~ Pale colours, like silver, light grey, white, peach, blonde, even pastel blue or green, but the pastels are tinged greyish.

Temperment~ Playful and intelligent, Loecks tend to focus on having fun, rather than succeeding and doing something memorable. They do, though, concentrate on surviving Lavana, but on Talritai they flourish. Not rational thinkers, they tend to think in ideas and feelings, rather than clear, hard words, and thus have a hard time presenting themselves in a certain language, though they can understand a lang' just fine. Often, they make up clicking or purring languages with friends or siblings, which they seem to communicate in quite well.

Species' Description~ Again, these quadrupeds can easily, and often do, rear up to travel as bipeds. Their forehands are thick, strong, and long-fingered, somewhat like a human hand, with blunt, doglike claws. They only have a tail of half-length, which is thick and well-furred. In fact, these cretts are very thickly-furred and nicely insulated, and they have a lion-like mane which is made up of heavily silky fur. Their heads are somewhat like a polar bear's, being big, broad, and roundish. Their eyes are large and tend to be a clear colour, such as blue or green, and are feline. They have long-toed back paws, tipped in heavier and still dull claws. Their hind legs are stronger and longer than their forelegs. They have ape-like teeth with enlongated fangs.

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