Species: Lizardfolk


Physical Description~ Lizardfolk are the largest of the races, averaging 6 to 8 feet in height. Well-scaled in colors ranging from greens to blues to browns to greys (and sometimes a mix of two different hues), they are muscular and long-limbed, standing with a slight hunch to their back that gives them a misleadingly savage appearance. With reptilian heads, universally yellow eyes, and long forked tongues, many shrink back upon first meeting a lizardfolk; however, these people move with a lightness of step and a serene grace that are marked contrasts to their physical appearance. Lizardfolk have long, powerful tails, claw-tipped fingers, and three-toed talons replacing their feet; they walk digitigrade, like tiquins, and have heavy but semi-dull claws on their toes. Lizardfolk wear only a loincloth to afford them the barest decency in the eyes of other races; being reptiles, females do not have mammary glands and, although smaller on average than males, are usually difficult to distinguish from the opposite gender. Lizards are extremely strong, good sprinters but lacking much endurance on land, and are superb swimmers second only to merfolk. Though their scales are tough and serve as a natural armor, lizardfolk are nocturnal and will be badly burned if they're exposed to direct sunlight for more than a few minutes.

Temperament~ Lizardfolk have an undeserved reputation for being unintelligent, blood-thirsty savages with no morals or scruples. This could not be farther from the truth: lizards are fairly intelligent, not in a science or math way but in a learn-from-life way; they are quite pacifistic and will go far out of their way to avoid doing harm to another form of life; and they have strict honor and ethic codes that they follow without exception. Though in many ways they live a warrior's life, lizards are universally pacifists, and while they will fight to defend themselves or their kindred, they would much rather talk it out. The term 'gentle giant' definitely applies here, though lizards are not above using physical appearance to intimidate the fight right out of another sentient (usually humans). ^_^;; Overall, lizardfolk are strong-hearted and iron-willed, hard to deceive, and worthy friends.

Culture~ Lizardfolk live in strong clans with ties to their neighbors, often because of intermarriage. Though their technology level excludes even metalworking, they are well-supplied with stone and wooden weaponry and often trade to obtain steel and the like for spearheads and axes, as they don't like swords. Though primitive by human and demon standards, nonetheless lizardfolk are powerful presences on Tsok and especially Ironius. The most remarkable thing about reptilian culture is their unwavering bond with the natural world and other living things; they believe that every living being, not only sentients but animals and plants as well, have souls that are the same across the spectrum of life. Through this universal connection, lizardfolk have learned to live in harmony with all living things, including most sentients.

Relationship with Other Races~ Lizardfolk view the other races with a strong sense of brotherhood and respect, though once this respect is lost and trust betrayed, they are firm in their dislike. Though saltwater irritates their scales and eyes, lizardfolk often swim with the mers and can easily keep up with the average merfolk. Lizards tend to dislike humans, as humans are very condescending, insulting, and cruel towards the 'savage beasts'.

Location(s)~ Lizardfolk live in good numbers on Ironius and Tsok, where they prefer to live in marshy woodlands where water and shade are in constant supply. They do not like snow, so they tend to stay in tropical or temperate climates, despite the fact that the sun is brighter there. Some lizardfolk are thought to live on Kudanu, but this may well be pure myth.

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