Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Hrahno

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft

Species' Colors~ Soft earth tones and metallic tones.

Temperment~ Very social, loyal, kind creatures. They have many rituals and customs. Living in tribes that build villages on their home world or are nomads, Lfaru are very agile and quick, fearless (literally), and inventive and determined in what they want.

Species' Description~ Bipeds! Gasp! ^_^ Lfaru are slender, somewhat short bipeds. Their feline hind legs are a big longer than their slim, agile forelegs/arms. They do have hands, three fingers and a thumb, all with small, delicate but sharp retractable claws. They have short, soft, silky fur with a smooth mane from the back of their skull down to their shoulders, and then sweeping down around the lower half of their throat. Their tails are feline and used purely for balancing, tipped in a tuft of silky fur. Their hindpaws are broad and short-toed with blunt canine claws and rough pads for traction. Their torsos are mostly upright, like a human's, but slightly arched and tilted forward. Their heads are almost sheep-like, with a blunt, rounded muzzle and long, agile, usually-flicked-back ears. Their eyes are large and dark, somewhat dog-like. They have somewhat wolfish teeth and are omnivores, but hunt and fish and farm like humans. They have very little technology, nothing beyond bow and arrow, and the spear, and a simplified fishing rod/spear. They're fairly fast and their senses are pretty good.

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