Species: Leasheas

Name - Leasheas [pronounced 'luh-SHEEZ']

Size - 5-7 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Equines, Leasheas are possibly some of the most beautiful creatures on Lavana. Aside from the blaze of colors across their glossy pelt, their form is very graceful and well-proportioned. There are two breeds, usually referred to as Lights and Darks according to color. The only other difference between breeds is that Lights tend to be a bit larger than Darks, with stallions in turn being larger than mares and yearlings. Leasheas are very horse-like in some ways, with an equine head, ears, mane, neck, and basic body shape. They have a long, lean, silk-tufted tail, powerful yet toned limbs, and a barreled body. Being herbivores, their hooves warrant some attention as a Leasheas' only defense besides their speed. (Darks are faster than Lights, mares faster than stallions. A fast Dark mare can run up to 90+ mph, a fast Light mare up to 70+ mph. A Dark stallion would be considered exceptional if he could break 80 mph, and the same for a Light stallion at 60 mph.) Anyways, their hooves resemble a high-heeled shoe with the heel cut off - elongated and arched, they have relatively little 'sole'-area and are very sharp-edged. Leasheas can easily slice through flesh with a strong kick. Leashes have large, slightly bulbous faceted eyes, usually dark red or blue and glittery; their eyesight is very good but strangely-colored compared to most. The final touch to their description is the feathery tentacle sprouting from the back of their skull and arcing over their back; it's 3-4.5 feet long and slender, yet very strong and nimble. The tentacle itself looks like the vane of a feather, with feathery strands of up to a foot long hanging downwards from the downily-furred 'stem'. Leasheas can be ridden but one never asks; one lets them offer unless one has a death wish. They sport a long equine mane along the back of their neck, but never touch it - yank on it and you'll get thrown around. Between their shoulder blades is a spout of tougher hairs that is connected to muscle and bone - grab that to hang on.

Coloration - All Leasheas are patterned in psychadelic swirls, waves, patches, and otherwise bizarre markings, often with multi-colored manes and tentacles. Light Leasheas colors range in the "warm" spectrum - reds, oranges, yellows, whites, and bright greens. Dark Leasheas colors tend towards the "cooler" hues - blues, dark greens, blacks, greys and silvers, purples, and sometimes dark reds. Most Leasheas have all of their breed's colors, and often the only way to distinguish between individuals is by the eye-searing pattern of markings.

Temperament - Most Leasheas are very fickle and wild, highly intelligent but very unpredictable. Beyond that unifying base, Leasheas can once more be separated into their breeds for temperament. Darks tend to be stronger-willed and more psychotic than their counterparts, but also braver and less apt to run away. Lights can be kinder and more friendly, but are often easily panicked and skittish of predators. All in all, possibly due to being hunted so much, Leasheas are a very high-strung and little-understood race.

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