Lavana: History

Incomplete sequence of events:

[3rd millenium AC]

  • Lavana allies with Raobé (as of the end of the Dark Wars); Raobé is made an honorary member of the Tri-System (TS)

[6th millenium AC]

  • Olashi achieve in-atmosphere flight
  • Olashi achieve limited spaceflight
  • Olashi toss some multi-species settlers on Terole, leaving it mostly to Nila; Nankampi City is established
  • Terole begins to thrive as a trading post and refuge for fugitives
  • Terole gains a form of government, after enough chaos: a Governor plus Aides, plus the Merchant Council as civilian/business representation, plus the Guardians as a police force
  • Olashi 'meet' the Jhee after some sophisticated probes start cataloguing local lifeforms and stealing DNA

[7th millenium AC]

  • Olashi achieve long-range (jump-based) spaceflight, largely from various trades and recon on Terole and its many alien visitors
  • Olashi find Base and claim it, then build Station as a jump point between the TS and Base
  • Station is constantly improved over the many following years, eventually becoming the size of a small moon
  • Base proves to be unsettleable by normal means and is used as military training ground, spacecraft factory, and other scientific developments (planet is harsh but rich in resources)
  • Non-Olashi begin to enter Olashi academies (Nila first, then Masi, and eventually Korats, Tioasms, Siyymns, and luirs)
  • Taroks are genetically engineered by the Jhee
  • Two Taroks - red Akarwhu and black Jekki - escape from the Jhee by stealing two prototype spacecrafts with improved engine capacity and shields; they reach the TS
  • More Taroks escape or are freed in guerilla raids
  • Taroks are declared Lavanians, due to Koratian descent, and are permitted into Olashi academies (after giving the stolen Jhee tech over to Olashi scientists)
  • Olashi find and settle Cinea as an Olashi-only colony world
  • Olashi discover Thaizi and ally with the somewhat-spacefaring Welphies
  • Terole is discovered by the residents of the Quad System, including the Tokathe, who establish neutral/friendly relations with the TS
  • Drakka scouts find the outskirts of Olashi space
  • Olashi discover the Emeracore System, but don't fully investigate as the Drakka prove to be a threat
  • Three Olashi warships are constructed on Base
  • War between Drakka and the TS becomes official
  • Zir'ken discover Terole and begin trading relations
  • Aerhai discover Terole and remain neutral
  • Adochi (of Raobé) discover antimatter weaponry to beat the superior Drakkan shield system
  • Drakka attack and occupy Terole; survivors flee to Etreus, a planet in the Quad System, far from the worst of the war
  • Aerhai and Olashi make pact; superior Aerhan engine technology is exchanged for the protection of the TS fleet
  • Drakka are wiped off Terole by the three warships
  • Terole begins to be rebuilt
  • Aerhan and Adochi technology becomes widespread in the TS fleet
  • War between Drakka and the TS is raging; the sides are almost evenly matched in firepower and numbers
  • Drakka discover Terran spacecraft and engage them in war; two Terran colony worlds, Sintas and Anaria, are near the edge of Drakkan space quasi-perpendicular to the Drakkan-Olashi border
  • Olashi find and rescue a few humans in the process of saving some Taroks from a Drakkan transport ship
  • Terra and the TS establish neutral/friendly relations
  • Sirlivi (Lavanians) and Oroya (Shakalans) enter the TS fleet
  • Olashi begin making efforts to find the Drakkan homeworld, forging into Drakkan space; war continues
  • Drakka mostly pull back from the front lines, but don't entirely vanish from known Olashi space; war subsides, but doesn't cease

[8th millenium AC]

  • Terra and the TS co-colonize Jhey; primary races are humans, Korats, Nila, Masi
  • Jhey becomes a second home to Asao, whose homeworld was deteriorating violently; humans brought them to Jhey to save the race from extinction
  • Taroks discover an uninhabited, colonizable world and claim it for their own race, naming it Jekarwi
  • Jekarwi becomes an honorary member of the TS
  • Atsuden, Nihiks, and Kaur/ians are genetically engineered by the Jhee; some escape and make it to the TS
  • Masi discover an uninhabited, colonizable world and claim it for their own race, naming it Brightsun
  • Brightsun becomes an honorary member of the TS

[11th millenium AC]

  • Lavana reaches critical/fatal ecological imbalance; Sahan is created in the TS and sentient Lavanian populations are relocated (and culled)
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