Species: Larenyx

Larenyx (plural - Larenii)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3.5 to 5 ft, though rare can go up to 6 ft

Species' Colors~ Their base color is either black, white, silver, gold, or chocolate. Of the Line Larenii have blood-red slashmarks across their cheekbones; all others have sapphire markings. Eyes are always yellow/gold with slitted pupils; claws always matte black; teeth are tinted faintly scarlet, the color deepening towards the tips. Larenii crests are a collection of any three bright colors (including yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, green, etc… no earth nor metallic hues). Of the Line Larenii only have one color in their crests.

Temperament~ The most notable quirk that I can think of is that they're mortal enemies of Korats. (They were Created this way, it's not their fault, and it's not a drive they can easily subdue.) However, they aren't evil in any way of the word. They can be loners or pack-hunters, enjoying the thrill of the hunt and often having mock-battles (sparrings) to better hone their fighting skills. They loathe killing sentients, though Korats are an obvious exception, and due to their 'newbie' status amongst Lavana's species, they often approach strangers with a cautious but overall friendly attitude. (However, they do hold grudges and an initial bad impression of a race tends to stick.) Larenii are very much loyal to their family and kindred, and have been known to give a feather from their own crest to an individual of another species to show their friendship.

Species' Description~ Raptor-built bipeds, they actually resemble Lavanian Raptors (L'Raptors) in many ways, excepting temperament. Long-snouted with rows of razor-sharp teeth, a small curving-upwards horn tipping their muzzle, and two long, poisonous fangs (poison that slows and paralyzes, not kills), Larenii have excellent sight (reptilian eyes), hearing (long, lapine ears always canted backwards), and sense of smell (wide nostrils). With a long, sinuous, powerful neck, these bipeds have a deep chest and flexible waist, organs protected not only by rib slats (widened ribs) but interwoven bands of cartilage. Their forearms are long, almost long enough to touch the ground when standing, and are lean but strong. They have three fingers, tipped in wicked dinosaurian claws, and a thumb, which is thicker than the other digits, and which ends in a massive, curving claw anywhere from five to twelve inches long (depending on body size). Their hind legs are much like a Velociraptor's, muscular and powerful, ending in three-toed, heavily clawed talons. Their tail is at least twice their body length and from a muscular, thick base, it thins out into a whip-like tip; this tail is prehensile and when swung full-force at full speed, can slice straight through a tough-barked tree ten feet in diameter. Larenii have sleek, soft fur (except for the last foot or so of their tail, which is simply tough hide), and a feathered crest erupted from the back of their skull which can be raised, flared, flattened, slicked back, etc to display emotions. (Wanna get a Larenyx mad? Take a chunk out of its crest. They're very vain about those things.) Larenii are insanely fast, especially the smaller individuals, and surprisingly strong (they're wiry ~_^).

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