Kwanisa (kwan-EE-sah)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 6-7 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any colours, any mix of colours. Rarely any defined markings, usually just fading into another colour.

Temperment~ Energetic and vehement in all they do, Kwanisas often get themselves into trouble by trusting too easily and fighting too easily. Despite this, they're very intelligent and value the small things in life.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, of course, these snake-skinned cretts are rather beautiful. They have a raptor-like head, big eyes with no whites, and a longish neck. They're long-legged and they have a long torso as well. Each powerful limb ends in a four-fingered talon, each equipped with a curved, sharp claw. These talons can transform into long-toed paws or cloven hooves at will. Their long, bladed tails are prehensile and often twice as long as their bodies. They can also grow translucent, draconic wings and gills. Omnivores, they hunt often, as well as fish and can even graze, unlike most other Lavanian omnivores. Easily adapting to whatever nature throws at them, their only fault seems to be their naive trust in the truth of other's words. They have flexible bone-like shields in a concave shape, about midway down their necks and sweeps up to connect with their jawbones. These shields are covered with feathers and can be moved and shaped somewhat.

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