Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Anything except flourescent or neon.

Temperment~ Tend to be cool and calm, even a tad passive at times, otherwise unknown. (Hey, I don't have patented stats for every Lavanian!)

Species' Description~ These secretive, relatively newly-Created plains-dwellers are very graceful and can reach speeds of 200 mph for a short time. Gentle, raptor-style heads set easily on a long, muscular neck, which has a horse-like mane. The mane is proportionally short-haired, heavy, silky, and slightly wavy, pressing close against the powerful neck. Their forelegs are slim and mobile, ending in slender, dainty, rough-padded paws with blunt claws for traction. Their torsos are rather cheetah-like, with a slightly thicker waist. Their hips are lower than their shoulders, what with their spines curving downwards. Their tails are long and round, heavier than they appear, agile for balance only and tipped in a long tuft of fur. Their hind legs, however, are muscular and a good bit longer than their forelegs, so that they're perpetually crouched at the ready, ending in the same, slightly larger, paws as their forelegs. Long-whiskered, Kuyanues have tufts of fur tipping their 'elbows' and 'knees' (no, not the hocks) and the backs of their 'ankles', as well as a small beard. In females, the tufts, manes, and beard are much longer and silkier, usually straight as well, while males have wavy, shorter fur. Their regular fur is also rather short and glossy, cleanly showing the toned muscles rippling underneath the hide. As this species seems to be populous, we assume they can fight as well as run, and hunt very well, but they seem to slip away like shadows at noon any time another Lavanian approaches.

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