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Average Aya

Height at Shoulder: 4 to 6 feet, rarely near 7.

Weight: Around 300-400lbs.

Colors: Can be almost any colors in any pattern. Their eyes can be either orange, yellow, green, or blue. Brown or grey eyes are rare.

Temperment: Can be anywhere between docile to extremely ferocious. almost all temperaments are very rarely frightened.

Anger Stages: (applies to all sub-species) Super, Fire, Poison, Invisible, Combinations of the 4. And that's as far as the Kumayaki has ever had to go. The Founders never planned past there, and the species has evolved since they were created, so there's no telling how far they can actually go.

Description: (applies basically to all sub-species) Kumayakies have a cheetah/lioness-like body, with a canine head. Two tapered ears are positioned at the back of its skull. A large ruff-mane begins at the nape of its neck and extends to its mid-to-upper back. The hairs are very stiff to allow raising the mane on end. Despite the stiffness, they are still very soft. It has two saber-teeth at the very front of its mouth, and its lip and tongue muscles are very specialized to allow speaking in any language. Some Ayas speak with a slight lisp because of their dagger-teeth, understandably.
Their tail is long and slender, and it is usually about the same length as its body. On the very end of it is a small-to-large tuft, similar to a lion's yet fuller. All Ayas' tails are prehensile, allowing them to use it as a fifth hand, so to speak. On its front paws are four toes and a 'thumb' of sorts positioned higher up on its wrist. Its hind paws have four toes, and on each toe on every paw is a large sharp claw. Each claw is fully retractable, but some leave their hind claws part-way extended to improve traction. Their hind claws are a bit duller and shorter than the front ones, but are still very sharp.
The average running speed of the species is 200mph, and they can hold their top speed for a long time. If in trouble, they can increase their speed in spurts of 20mph or more, depending on fatigue, landscape, etc. They are superb jumpers, being able to jump 30 feet in the air without much trouble and without a running start. Being all-terrain creatures, the Kumayaki race is versatile in many landscapes. Not all of them are able to climb trees as well as others, or some may not be able to swim very well. But most can handle any terrain.
When they are angry, their large almond-shaped eyes glow bright red. Also, when they are extremely provoked or their life is threatened, they can transform into a larger, more powerful form- an anger stage. Each anger stage doubles the size of the Aya, then adds the Aya's original height to its size when the next anger stage is achieved. (example: Aya is 5ft normally. 1st anger stage would be 10ft. 2nd would be 15, 3rd would be 20… and so on). Once the Aya's anger has subsided sufficiently, the Aya returns to its original form.
Female Ayas are called Queens, and males formally are called Kings, but many just call them males.
They have great hearing, above-average eyesight, a terrific sense of smell, and a perfect sense of balance. One would be hard put to try to knock an Aya off-balance. Ayas, if falling through the air, will always land on their feet unless sick or if it doesn't have enough space to twist mid-air to land. 5ft of falling space is a minimum. Any shorter than that and they won't land on their feet.
They have advanced healing systems, able to heal deep wounds without even a scar. But, if an Aya is impaled in any way, its healing system will not be able to work as long as the object is still in its flesh. If they lose any part of their body (toes, ears, legs, etc.) their healing system will not be able to replace it. However, lost claws, teeth, or saberfangs will grow back in time.
Ayas are lightning-fast in battle and often a to-the-death fight will end in five seconds or less. However, this insane speed also exhausts a great deal of energy and often the victor will be out of comission for a week or more due to a lack of energy. For this reason, many fights are fought slower and more deliberately, as Anyana is a dangerous place to be; if one is unable to function for any length of time they will soon end up as something's lunch.
Occasionally an Aya will be born 'odd-eyed', meaning that their right eye's color is different than their left eye's. Being born odd-eyed is special as most cubs are born with blue eyes which change into their permanent color as they get older- usually around six months.
Occasionally an Aya will be born with long, silky hair. These longhaired Ayas are constantly grooming, as their tangly hair will easily mat. Their hair can get up to a foot long on their tail and neck, and 6 in. on the rest of their bodies. They have a thick undercoat of downy fur, which keeps them warm. Since their fur is very thick, they live in the cold, snowy mountain regions as the heat in most other places on Anyana would be unbearable.
On occasion an Aya will be born with special powers. It is not uncommon to find an Aya that can speak telepathically. However, it is extremely rare to find an Aya that can read minds. Only a special few have this ability.

Behavior/Pack Life: For the most part, Ayas have been known to live in packs or solitarily. They like to hunt in large prides, resulting in larger -and at times, better tasting- kills.
Their pack life is not a complicated one. The packs usually range from 5-20 individuals in number, and is guided and looked after by one leader and one to two pack seconds. The leader is called Te'aa Yezta, The Guide, or Mi Yezta, My Guide.
If the pack gets too big, it will split and form two new packs, but will still be counted as family. The original pack leader will go with the larger of the two groups, and the pack second(s) will go with the smaller. Te'aa Yezta will pick one or two more pack seconds to assist it with the larger.
Kumayakies do not usually mate for life, but will usually have one litter of cubs with each other, raise them together, then as soon as the cubs are ready to live on their own, the mates separate. Occasionally, Ayas will find that one 'special someone' and take an oath of commitment to their partner. These oaths are broken only by death, and even then the member that was left behind is still entitled to his/her promise. That Aya will never mate again.
Kumayakies have litters of 2-6 cubs, of any color, any pattern. However, the way the Aya's genes are set up, one cub will look like the father and one the mother. No one has any idea why this is, but it happens. ubs are energetic, curious, and nosey. They get in the middle of everything, everywhere. They often drive their parents crazy with their antics… but they also know respect for the pain that comes from an irate father or mother. So they do their best to not annoy their parents and pick on someone else. If another Aya harms a cub even in the slightest way, they face the wrath of an overprotective mother and father. It is for the parents alone to decide when to tell their cubs to behave, and the other members in a pack with cubs are to leave the children alone except in play. And it darn well better look like play, otherwise the parents will thrash the offender's hide.

History: Many years ago, back on Earth, four kids, two boys and two girls, began tampering with DNA and several other elements needed to support life. Though many accidental discoveries, they brought to life a small mouse which had died of natural causes beforehand. They named it Zoe, for Zoe in Greek means life. Zoe from that day on was their mascot, and was given the most luxurious life ever permitted to a mouse. From there their experiments lead to larger and more complex creatures. Naturally, this progressed over several months and years of research and experimentation. But something went wrong. They decided to make a totally new species. So Kay, the artistic one, conceived an idea and put it down on paper. The next day she brought it to their laboratory and they began the neccesary procedures to bring it to life. They had come a long way from animating a mouse, but yet this presented a whole new set of challenges. The Kumayaki was many months in the making, and yet they pulled it off. But their prototype got loose and ravaged the city. The creature was far more powerful and ferocious than they ever imagined. There were several weeks of terror in the city until it was brought down and killed. The kids were in a panic. They moved their lab out into the country and continued their work. Several more prototypes were tried and destroyed, but finally they developed the crett very widespread on Anyana today, the Kumayaki. But the police, FBI, national guard, and many other law offices were after them. Word had gotten out. By now the kids were addicted to their project, and were searching desperately for a place to escape to, for there were many living creatures in their lab, and each one was special to them. After finding no such place on Earth, they looked to the stars. The planet Anyana was chosen, and arrangements were made. Their project was flown to a distant planet, one uncivilized, not known to civilization. From there the Zoe Project (they had named it that after the death of Zoe the mouse) blossomed into the flourishing lands thousands now call home. The four kids made Kumayaki bodies for themselves, and now live their lives as Ayas. Their Aya bodies are immortal as long as they are not killed by other creatures. They (the kids/their Aya forms) are called the Founders. The first Ayas ever made (other than the Founders) were only a few in number, and were dubbed the First Few. There are many on Anyana who would like nothing better than to kill the original Ayas and take over their supreme position, so the identities of the Founders & First Few are kept at the utmost level of secretness. It would mean death to them if they should be revealed.

Habitat: Found everyhwere on Anyana.

Gestation Period- 6 months
Newborn- 0-2 weeks old
Infant- 2 weeks-1 month old
Cub- 1 month to 1 year old
Adolescent- 1-3 years old
Adult- 3-40 years old
Elder- 41-60 years old. (Ayas rarely live to be Elders; they usually die before they reach 40ys for one reason or another)



Height At Shoulder: 6-8ft, 9 is rare.

Weight: 500-1000lbs

Colors: Can be any color in any pattern. Often are patterns and colors that aren't normally seen. Eyes can be orange, yellow, green, and brown. Blue eyes are uncommon, as they are believed to be a sign of purity. If a Gomal-Quenaya is born with blue eyes, other GQ's often will kill him.

Temperament: These are among the most terrifying of all Ayas on Anyana. They bully other Ayas (and other species, as well) around, often raping defenceless Queens. GQ's are mean, treacherous, cunning, and evil. They will stop at nothing to get what they want- even if it means murdering one of their allies. Never has there been a more dreaded creature on Anyana (for an Aya, that is) than the Gomal-Quenaya. Even the Founders fear for their life constantly. The GQ's unmatched ferocity rivals that of a swarming clan of Bri, or even a hungry Shukakaki. They plague and haunt many an Aya's nightmares.

Description: They are basically the same as an average aya, but bigger and much, much stronger. Gomal-Quenayas are always male; there are no females in this sub-species.

Behavior/Pack Life: Never has there been a creature more feared (if physically possible) or hated than the Gomal-Quenaya in the Kumayaki race. They frequently rape Queens, torture males, and kill cubs. They have no respect for life whatsoever and would happily kill their own best friend without a second thought.
When a Gomal-Quenaya cub is born, it knows from the instant it becomes self-aware what it is and what it wants to do. It grows faster and bigger than the others in its litter, often killing its siblings when mom and dad aren't looking. Once the cub is grown, they are known to kill -or at least try- their parents as well.

History: The most widely-known and feared Gomal-Quenaya is called Scar. He's 9'8" tall at the shoulder without his mane raised, is drab grey with bold black stripes and black points. His evil orange eyes burn with a fire full of intense hatred and cunning. His creation was an accident, not meant by the Founders to be evil. He learned quickly the secrets involved in creating Ayas and made three sidekicks for himself, then threw in a gene in the good Aya DNA that would produce from time to time mutations in a normal Aya's litter. Those mutated cubs- Gomal-Quenayas- would grow bigger, faster, and meaner than the others.

Habitat: Found everyhwere on Anyana.


Height At Shoulder: 4-5 ft

Weight: 300-400 lbs

Colors: They are log-colored, meaning they are colored similar to a log on top, which fades to a light creamy tan color underneath. This allows them to seem like a floating log when seen from above, and it is hard to see them when below. Their eyes are usually dark brown, but can be green.

Temperment: Fairly laid-back and easygoing. Doesn't like fighting as well as the next Aya, but can dish out its own weight in attacks if needs be.

Description: They are very agile and fast, as well as strong. Their toes are webbed and their bodies a bit less streamlined then your everyday run-of-the-mill Ayas. Their daggerteeth are shorter but much sharper, and their otherteeth are curved backwards to let them hold slippery fish. Well-muscled and strong, needless to say they are excellent swimmers. Their fur is oily and slick, allowing more speed when in the water. They can reach 50mph while swimming, but only for small distances up to a mile.
Being water creatures, they need much more to drink than an average Aya, but need less to eat.

Behavior: The Aquaya doesn't like to be in trees, as they severely dislike heights. These are Ayas that love to be in the water. They pend most of their time in it, and hunt there as well. They love the company of other Ayas but dislike fighting, despite the fact that their strength surpasses that of your average Kumayaki.

Habitat: Found mostly in murky swamps, jungles… any place with water deep enough to swim in. Prefers still water to flowing water, but will live in either.


Height at Shoulder: 3-5 ft.

Weight: 200-300 lbs.

Colors: On the top half of its body, its fur is any shade of green, and always has white or very light green spots all over. Its lower half can be white to medium-green in color. Their eyes are usually green, but can be yellow or brown.

Temperment: Hyper and full of energetic. They have trouble sitting still for any length of time, and often find mischief to get themselves into. They easily get themselves into trouble, but many are smart enough to get themselves out of it just as easily. Cano-Kiaras, because of their endless reserves of energy, have a very small amount of patience and at times a nasty temper.

Description: Smaller and more slenderly built than the Average Aya, as they spend most of their lives in the trees. Their toes are elongated and almost 'fingers', but lack the mobility that fingers would give them. Their claws are more curved and specialized for climbing, leaping, and latching on to the trees. Their hind claws are considerably more blunt, as getting used to propell the Aya up trees wears them down. Sharper claws would snap off and splinter the claw, causing painful toes and possibly preventing the Aya from climbing until its healed.
Their tails are quite a bit longer than the average Aya, and prehensile enough to be used as a hand- able to wrap around small objects and branches. Their tails are also strong enough to keep their bodies suspended in mid-air with only their tails keeping them from falling.
They have a keener eyesight than the average aya, but a less precise sense of smell. However, their balance is superior to even that of a regular Kumayaki. They are outstanding jumpers, and could easily outjump even the tallest Gomal-Quenaya. However, their land speed often doesn't exceed 150mph but their tree speed reaches up to 200mph if needed. They have great endurance in the trees but not on land.
Have I mentioned that they loathe water? Mostly because most of them are immaculate groomers. It takes a good three hours for them to satisfactorily clean the water out of their silky coat- even if they were only sprinkled.

Behavior/Pack life: Depending on the individual, they may profer to live in groups or profer to live by themselves. In groups they are deadly hunters, and can take down even the most dangerous prey.
They are very social creatures, moreso than the Aquaya. The ones that live by themselves are often lonely and dangerous because of the lack of interaction with other Ayas.
Cano-Kiaras are not very good parents, as their energy often takes them on long trips away from their cubs. Their lack of patience and nasty temper often cause them to harm their cubs, at times even killing them because of it. However, there are good Cano-Kiara mothers and fathers out there. If a situation gets out of hand, a calmer and more self-controlled Aya will step in and adopt the cubs until their biological parents calm down.

Habitat: They stay mostly in the forests and jungles of Anyana, but a few live in the mountains and rocky hills.

Red Demon

Height at Shoulder: 5-6 ft

Weight: 300-500lbs

Colors: Unknown, as their coat of fire is only extinguished when they are dead. Their eyes are always red and glow white when angry.

Temperment: Hot-headed monsters. They get furious at the drop of a hat, and transform into their anger stages at the first sign of trouble. These punks are hard to kill and even harder to touch without getting burnt, poisoned, or worse. They have absolutely no sense of humor, humanity, or kindness. They are all evil, all gristle, all the time. To get on a Red Demon's good side you would have to be dead. These are mean, but thankfully aren't the brightest of creatures. They are easy to lose if one is tracking you. An Aya's best defense against these creatures is to run, unless they are flawless fighters.

Description: Instead of a tuft of fur on their tails, a thick tailblade branches off of the tip of it, curved inwards like a scythed and ragged-edged. They are stocky and well-muslced- although you wouldn't be able to tell by looking. Their coat is constantly on fire, and only the most lightning-quick attack will harm one of them without harming the attacker. Only their saberfangs, eyes, claws, and tailblade aren't flaming, and even then their fangs, claws and tailblade are coated in a deadly poison that no Aya on Anyana has formed a resistance to.
Their jumping abilities rivals that of the Cano-Kiara, and can stay suspended in the air for short periods of time for a reason that hasn't been figured out yet. (Red Demons are hard to study without getting yourself killed.)

Behavior: They stay in packs mostly, and remain in their territory at all costs. However, that means that they are extremely territorial and are not afraid to fight anything that intrudes on their turf- even if it is twenty times bigger and stronger. (Evidence of the fact that they don't think logically)
Water is their worst enemy. If they are submerged in it for even a second, they will die, as their fire keeps them alive. If in deep water, they will sink; none of them can swim or are capable of learning.

Habitat: The volcanoes of Anyana, and rarely anything else. They can withstand the infernious heat with ease, and often go swimming in the hot molten rock as a pastime.


Height at Shoulder: 2-3 feet, rarely 4

Weight: 50-100lbs

Colors: Any color in any pattern. Their eyes are always blue.

Temperment: Shy and very skittish. Though they are small, they have ferocious tempers and are very protective mothers, despite their dislike for fighting. They are slow to speak and slow to anger, are very patient and very good mothers or substitute mothers.

Description: They look just like an average aya- only smaller. Their senses are much more advanced than the usual Aya, as their small size needs it to stay alive on Anyana. Their endurance is better than usual, but their speed tops at 100mph.

Behavior: Dwarve Aya females are often called 'the denmothers', because they will willingly take in any parentless cub and raise it herself- despite its size. They are solitary creatures, prefering to live alone or in small groups of 2-3 rather than to confine themselves within a pack.

Habitat: Found mostly in the plains, hills, and forests.


Height at Shoulder: In quadruped form, 4-5 ft. In bipedal form, 5-8 ft.

Weight: As a four-legger- 200-300 lbs. As a two-legger- 100-200lbs.

Colors: Any color in any pattern. Their eyes can be green, blue, orange, or yellow. Brown or grey eyes are unusual.

Temperment: You wouldn't be able to tell a Were-Aya from a normal Aya. They act just like their four-legged counterparts when in quadruped form. When in biped, they are basically the same, but a bit more laid-back, reserved, and patient.

Description: The mirror image of an average Aya when a quadruped. But they have the ability to shift to a bipedal humanoid-ish form. They are not furries, but are more like a half human, half Kumayaki. They have two well-muscled arms, ending in a five-fingered fur-covered hand, with short unretractable claws tipping each finger. Their legs are muscular and end in four-toed feet, with a short unretractable blunt claw on each toe. Their tail is the same as an Aya's, long and tufted. Their heads are vaguely human, with a short Ayan muzzle in place of nose and mouth. Their saberfangs are considerably shorter; they barely overhang their bottom jaw in length. They have two Ayan ears at the very top of their heads and have a dense mane that covers the head like human hair and extends down the back of its neck and ends at the point between its shoulderblades.
Overall, they are not as strong, fast, or agile as their quadruped ancestors, but can work with tools, ships, and many other more delicate things that a normal Aya could never handle. They are fair prey to any preadator on Anyana when in biped form, and for that reason rarely are seen in said form for any length of time when in Anyana's wilds.

Behavior/Pack Life: As a biped, they prefer to live in large colonies with other bipedal creatures, and aren't often found in quadrupedal packs. They do wear clothing, as their genitals are external. The Were-Aya is modest but will wear anything that is comfortable, cool, and covers all needed areas sufficiently. In their separate culture all their own, it is rude and frowned on to go naked, as it is considered a sign of disrespect- both of themselves and of other people.

Habitat: Found everywhere on Anyana, but prefers the forests and jungles.


Height At Shoulder: 6-8 ft, 9 is rare.

Weight: 500-1000 lbs

Colors: Any color in any pattern. Eyes are usually blue, but can be orange, yellow, or green.

Temperament: Exactly the opposite of a Gomal-Quenaya. Kind, gentle, loving, and considerate. They look out for their friends and will protect them -and other innocent beings- from a Gomal-Quenaya at all costs.

Description: The very image of a Gomal-Quenaya, but a glance into the normally-blue eyes of a GA shows a world of difference. They are very heavily-muscled, but still just as fast, if not faster than a GQ. Their tails are thicker and stronger, as at their very tip, just below the tail tuft branches a tail blade, slightly curved inwards like a scythe. All Gomal-Antayas are male.

Behavior/Pack Life: Gomal-Antayas are also known as the "Guardian Angels", as the Founders created them to battle the rise of the GQ's and protect the rest of Anyana from their evil schemes. However, since the subspecies is very new, GA's are very scarce. A pack with a GA in their midst is very lucky and is nearly guaranteed that they will not be bothered by GQ's. Why? Because Gomal-Antayas fight fiercer, harder, and have stronger anger stages than the Gomal-Quenaya.
The Guardian Angel would be the perfect mate for a female and father of cubs, but yet none of them have the desire to mate. Their responsibility to Aya-kind to serve and protect is too pressing a duty to take out the 3 1/2 years of time needed to raise a family.

Habitat: Found everywhere on Anyana.

The Legends

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