Ksracm [kz-RAY-zmm]

Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ 7 to 10 ft.

Species' Colors~ Generally brownish, sometimes with black or white markings.

Temperment~ Well, kind of cat-like, really. They enjoy relaxing and playing, and other forms of physical activity, but they have a nasty streak which is usually displayed in fights for dominance or, more commonly, hunting. They also have strong morals, not unlike humans, but some will look the other way if a situation does not involve them or theirs. However, if they mark you as an enemy - run.

Species' Description~ Ohh, hard one. To start, a long-muzzled bulldog-like head, very broad, heavy, and strong jaws, complete with a nasty set of teeth a lot like a Korat's. (However, Korats are omnivores, while Ksracms are purely carnivorous.) They have large, floppy ears which can go fully upright (like a Great Dane's ears, if they haven't been docked) and that give them, when resting or playing, a very gentle appearance. They have 'loose' skin and are basically purely bone and muscle. Their necks are thick and muscular, as are their entire four-legged bodies. They have powerful forelimbs, ending in large paws with long toes, tipped with sharp and thick claws. Their torso is like a big cat's (although most consider this species to be altogether canine) and their hind legs are much stronger than the average dog-build, ending in large paws with the same sharp claws. They have a dog-like tail, as well, and can have markings of white or black, black being more common. They come in all shades of brown, with males tending towards darker tones. Their senses are excellent and they are superb hunters.

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