Name - Kragr ("Cracker")
Pronunciation - KRAG-ger
Size - two feet at the shoulder
Type - mammaloid
Coloration - dark browns, blacks, or reds
Temperament - vicious when provoked; underground, burrow-diggers; live in colonies; hunt by swarming larger creatures without warning
Description - These long- and thick-bodied beasts are covered in a heavy coating of dense, sleek fur. With four staunch, short legs ending in clawed paws, Crackers also possess a pair of forelimbs resembling lobster-claws, only with more scissor-/blade-like pincers that seem oversized for their apparent strength. Pure muscle and loose-skinned, these dark-loving creatures also have a scorpion-esque tail with a poisonous sting. Their heads are beaver-like, with strong jaws and eyes that see infrared. They rely on scent and hearing when on the surface, rather than their sun-skewed sight. They lay eggs.

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