Critter: Kotana(e)

Kotana (plural Kotanae)
Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 6-7 ft.
Species' Colors~ Anything not pink, purple, or flourescent.
Temperment~ Dumb as rocks, and spooked VERY easily. They'll run from a Chitter! Not sentient.
Species' Description~ Hooved quadrupeds, Kotanae are built vaguely like elk. They have long, whiplike tails and heavy hooves. Their fur is thick and scraggly-looking, and their eyes are enormous, adapted for night grazing and foraging, and gives them a perpetually idiotic-surprised look. The back of their skull has ridges, looking somewhat like Bart Simpson's head. Generally easy kills, these herbivores are often hunted in the northern regions of Lavana.

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