Species: Korisva


Invented By~ Esaki

Home World~ Sevala

Height at the Shoulder~ 6 to 9 feet

Species' Colors~ Typical Canis colors (cool colors for femmes, hot colors for males), though black, red, tan, white, and stripes are more common due to their strong Koratian ancestry.

Temperament~ One of the things that make Korisvas such a strong adversary was the common battle rage shared between their Korat and Derrva blood. This overpowered the sometimes docile Canis mentality and allowed Korisvas to enjoy the thrill of battle, as well as providing them with the rage necessary to be the ultimate warrior. Still, Korisvas are social animals and normally live in packs.

Species' Description~ Korisva's are quadropeds, with the main body of a slightly extended wolf, powerful hind legs and shoulders, with powerful raptor like claws that curve from each paw. Lengthy wings of either a dragon, feathers, or fur sprout powerfully from their shoulders, and their neck, which is incredibly long and muscular, is held usualy long their back, lashing out powerfully and often, but may be carried upwards or out if they feel very comfortable. Korisvas have three lengthy muscular tails, each bladed, and each controlling a different element of Canis magick… (So: Healing, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) Korisva's heads are Lupine, with slightly strengthened jaws and one sharp jutting horn which protrudes just above their powerful noise.

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