Species: Korayat(s)


Invented By~ Kay

Home World~ Unknown, suspected to be Nekoo.

Height at the Shoulder~ Up to 7ft, depending on body-form.

Species' Colors~ Any pattern, any color EXCEPT the unreasonable. i.e., neon green, pink, purple, you get the picture. Blades can be any metallic sheen.

Temperament~ Everything you can imagine.

Species' Description~ Whee! The fun part. *ahem* Take a Korat. Take a Kumayaki. And mix them together. Taa-daa! Okay, so I'll get more detailed than that. Each Korayat varies in overall body shape. i.e., red-forms are thicker, more muscular, tan-forms are very lithe and fast, white-forms usually long-haired and tall, you get the picture. Very much like a Korat in that respect. However, there are similarities that apply to each of the forms. Their heads are considerably more streamlined-canine, their ears longer and thinner, their necks shorter and less curved, their chests deeper and slimming quickly near the waist, and their tails longer and thinner. Their legs are longer, and their claws/blade virtually always the same shape, regardless of the body-form. Forehands are three-fingered, with retractable claws, hindpaws are two-toed, like a Korat's. And yes, there are those formidable long-claws. There is a tuft of fur at the ends of their tail, like an Aya, and from the beginning of that tuft is where the blade branches from. On the back of their neck, starting at the mid-way point of the first curve, is a mane. On the neck the mane is much thinner, and is more like a horse's mane (except it's more rigid; it stands upright) On the shoulders is where the mane gets longer and sticks up like to 'wings', if you will. At the end of the shoulders is where the mane ends.

Let us not forget the mighty saberfangs, half as long as an Aya's but still just as deadly. And also, these cretts have anger stages too, similar in order and improvement as the Aya's.

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