Invented By~ Chikich

Height at the Shoulder~ 4 ft

Species' Colors~ Black, pale blue, dark red, silver, grey, white.

Temperament~ Graceful and calm, but also sometimes weak-willed and lazy. Once inna while, there'll be one who has a strong will to do things and works hard, but more often there's one who's a mix between the two. They can all get excited easily, but just not for long. For them, the saying goes true; "Easily amused; easily bored."

Species' Description~ Well, they have two forms. One upright, the other quadruped. They've developed these forms when traveling to other planets, and most planets are either predominantly biped or quadruped, so they learned to Chich (it means Shift in their language). Few Kkloch are on their home planet; they prefer variety of other worlds and often travel. Their normal form is quadruped. The basic shape is equine, but slightly built, like a deer would be. Long, slender, hooved legs, with cloven hooves of ebony. They have a tail as long as they are, and it's slim and muscled, very graceful, and tipped with a long brush of silky fur. Their torso's are arched slightly and slender, with a shallow chest. Their necks are long and supple, and they have long, flowing manes. Their heads are slim and deer-like, with large, inquisitive eyes and large, twitching ears. They're herbivores, so their teeth are small and flat. Their fur in both forms is short, glossy, and silky. Their mane can be black, white, silver, or grey, same with their tailtuft. Their hooves are always black, and their fur can be black, white, silver, grey, dark red, or pale blue. In their upright form, they look quite different. (Ever see the Tolkien elves?) Tall and slender, they reach a height of five to seven feet, but only because of their legs. They have long, graceful, human-like legs, ending in dainty hooves, still cloven and ebony. They still have the long, tufted tails. Their torso's are normal, although females don't have breasts, and are very sleek and streamlined. Their arms are longish, flexible, and very expressive in movement. They have hands with four delicate fingers and a finger-length thumb. Their necks are longish too, and their heads are elvish, with the tall, pointed ears, gentle features, large, intelligent eyes, and expressive mouths. They have the same mane, spilling down their head and neck. In both forms, they're dancers, singers, artists, and beautiful and graceful.

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